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Donnerstag, 4.06.2020
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The Kingdom of Sweden confirms it will help Angola accelerate its economic growth through the use of information and communications technologies.

On the sidelines of the Angola-Sweden workshop on "IT and digital economy sectors," Ewa Polano, the Swedish ambassador to Angola, said the two partners will mainly focus on education, finance, transports and the fight against corruption.

She said her country wants to transfer technological knowledge to Angola to boost entrepreneurship, innovation and the university program.

Other sectors that might benefit from the Angola-Sweden ICT Cooperation are agriculture and sustainable energies.

Let's note the cooperation is part of a deal signed between the Angolan ICT Minister, José Carvalho da Rocha, and the former Swedish ambassador, Lennart Killander Larsson, during the world technology forum Angotic 2019.

Under the agreed terms, cooperation between the two countries is valid for a renewable period of five years and concerns the implementation of infrastructure projects, exchange of experiences, support and strengthening of the institutional and operational capacities of the Angolan Communications Institute (Inacom), e-governance, establishment of a legal framework, and tools for cybersecurity.


Quelle/Source: Ecofin Agency, 17.02.2020

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