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Mittwoch, 17.07.2019
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The roll-out of two more e-government services will be show-cased next week when Commerce Minister Joey Hew hosts an event at a local hotel unveiling the latest advances which, according to officials, will include the ability for people to pay for key services online. One of the new services will be the Trade and Business Licence application portal, which will allow business owners to apply for a new licence or renew their current licence online, and pay for them. The other is the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing’s new unregistered renewal service, which does not require users to create account or provide their e-signature (or ESID) number.

“These services will save our people time and hassle, and provide them a more secure, convenient and efficient service,” said Hew, adding that business owners and members of the public had been requesting these services for a long time.

The event will also showcase how the administration is moving forward in implementing e-government, which provides the public with a proactive, integrated and simplified process to accessing government services. People will also learn what services are currently available and how to access them, test out the new services, and get a preview of services to come in the future.

“Our aim with our e-government programme is to reduce cost and time, increase security and improve our services to our customers. This will help us as a government to be more effective and accountable,” Hew said.


Quelle/Source: Cayman News Service, 19.10.2018

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