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Samstag, 20.04.2019
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Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet in charge of E-government Martine Mtonga says President Edgar Lungu is committed to have a Smart Zambia by 2030 where all young people will have access to equal education opportunities.

Dr. Mtonga this after donating 10 computers to St. Francis Catholic Pre-School in Lusaka.

He said government through the Ministry of General Education has set up policies to guide Information Communication Technologies-ICT-to become mandatory as a learning subject in all schools across the country.

Dr. Mtonga thanked Huawei Corporation Limited for the donation of the computers, ten learning tables and ten chairs.

And Huawei Director Martine Zhong said China is helping Zambia to achieve a Smart Zambia by 2030 through the Smart Zambia phase 2 where its erecting one thousand nine hundred towers by 2020.

He said this will help achieve ninety-eight percent internet connectivity across the country.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Joshua Jere

Quelle/Source: ZNBC, 16.11.2018

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