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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index has published its annual study on what tangible factors have the greatest impact on various countries’ digital wellbeing, and which areas should be prioritized in improving their potential.

The DQL index is published annually based on research conducted by the privacy protection company Surfshark. The study indexes countries by looking at five fundamental pillars that define the digital quality of life: internet quality, affordability, e-security, online government services and e-infrastructure.

This year's edition of the DQL research concluded that 7 out of 10 countries with the highest digital quality of life are in Europe, with Denmark taking the global lead among 85 countries.

Below are the key findings on Georgia:

  • Georgia has a below average digital quality of life. Compared to its neighbors, Georgia lags behind Turkey (44th) but surpasses Armenia (67th).
  • When it comes to e-security, Georgia ranks 36th. While it makes it into the top 20 in terms of cybersecurity index, its data protection law index is ranked as low.
  • Georgia has one of the least affordable internets in Europe. In position 61, it ranks just below Argentina and Chile.
  • Georgia’s e-government ranks 67th globally, whereas its e-infrastructure is in the 56th position. Countries such as Azerbaijan, Russia and Romania have a more developed e-infrastructure and e-government than Georgia.


Quelle/Source: Georgia Today, 17.08.2020

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