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Freitag, 20.04.2018
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The Ministry of Economy this year's meeting of January 3, informed the Cabinet of the Ministry of workshops organized by the European Union and the Single Digital Single Market issues identified Latvian interests and recommended measures at the national level.

Latvia is interested in full-fledged functioning of the EU Single Market and implementation of measures that will improve the Latvian entrepreneurs in the EU single market. Contributing to the EU and the Single Digital Single Market integration and removing non-tariff barriers, Latvian benefits in the medium term can be up to 3% of gross domestic product growth of 9% and an increase in trade with the EU countries.

The aim of this is to define the Latvian national interests and the report approved by the Cabinet - to ensure the representation of the EU Digital Single Market Strategy and the EU Strategy for the Single Market initiatives.

Informative Report included in the Latvian business interests in the EU market, as well as defined the primary issues to be addressed in different business Latvian topical themes, such as cooperation in the economy, starting a business (including support jaunuzņēmumiem), public procurement, cloud computing and data ensure the free movement.

Informative Report as a whole included 33 initiatives and activities that should be promoted at EU level. As Latvian entrepreneurs key issues mentioned in discussions transferred to the EU initiatives on-line cross-border contracts and e-government, as well as forthcoming initiatives such as to ensure the free movement of data and uniform information on cross-border business start-ups and prevent non-compliant products on the EU market.

The report includes 35 recommended measures Latvian to deal with national issues and improve the business environment, including all institutions significant horizontal principles such as to minimize the overly bureaucratic and disproportionately high demands and special requirements to comply with the principle of proportionality in support of new market entrants.


Quelle/Source: Invest in EU, 04.01.2017

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