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Sonntag, 20.01.2019
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Transport and Communications Minister Vassiliki Anastasiadou has called on the public sector, local authorities and the private sector to intensify their digital transformation efforts.

Cyprus currently ranks 21st among the 28 countries of the EU on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) announced on May 18 by the European Commission. Although Cyprus is among the countries that have recorded the greatest progress during the last four years, along with Ireland and Spain, it is still among the low-ranking countries.

Addressing a meeting of stakeholders in the electronic communications market, organised by the Office of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations, Anastasiadou expressed regret at Cyprus’ position.

“The ministry of transport will intensify its efforts to promote the digital transformation of Cyprus and improve Cyprus` position on the index,” she said.

Anastasiadou stressed that implementing the legislation on ultra-fast broadband networks, that is included in the Directive on the European Electronic Communications Code, expected to be agreed before the end of June, is of primary importance.

She added that as an EU member state located on the periphery, Cyprus considers digital single market measures particularly important, as technologies allow both companies and employees to enjoy the same benefits as Europe.

“The use of technology, information and communication in all the vital sectors of the economy of Cyprus is of the highest importance” the Minister said.

The government, she added, was constantly developing new e-services and improving existing ones. According to the minister, the e-government council has approved projects worth over €200m for the next three years.

The new Digital Action Plan for 2018-20 is currently being prepared, she said.


Quelle/Source: Cyprus Mai, 02.06.2018

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