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Dienstag, 4.10.2022
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Cyprus Shipping ministry has signed a new contract to accelerate digitalisation and its

The €1.582m agreement with the CSC consortium which combines Cyprus-based Cellock Ltd, SignalGenerix Ltd and Computer Resources International (Luxemburg) S.A follows a successful tender process and marks the start of a digital transformation of Cyprus shipping through a dedicated project funded by European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility Program.

Cyprus recognises that efficiency is key to delivering a best-in-class service and will evolve its procedures to be more advanced, but less complicated; more automated, but no less human. The project will accelerate Cyprus’ long term SEAChange 2030 strategy by digitising all services provided by the Maritime Administration. This includes creating a paperless environment and the framework conditions necessary to support the integration of all SDM business units. Vessel registration will be simplified, as well as streamlining the issuance of seafarer certificates.

The consortium will focus on creating seamless processes based on lean business practices and complete software solutions to support the SD to consistency deliver operational excellence, providing reliable services with efficient operating costs, and offering minimum inconvenience to customers. All ministry employees will use intelligent process automation to achieve this.

Shipping minister Vassilios Demetriades, said the ministry “has always been focused on providing an effective, efficient and quality service to support the maritime industry”. “As part of our SEAChange 2030 strategy, the complete digitisation of the services of the Shipping ministry is a strategic priority,” he said. “From electronic verification of registry certificates to registration applications, and online submission of required documents, Cyprus is reducing administrative burdens, document handling costs, and enabling document access to all relevant parties in real time. This is an important step in shaping the one-stop-shipping-shop framework to meet the requests of the shipping industry. We look forward to continuing to get feedback on our services, progress our long term strategy, and update and create new procedures to enhance our flag,” said Demetriades.

The consortium is expected to begin the relevant processes for the implementation of the project immediately, which will be fully aligned with the broader effort made by the ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy to digitise the overall services provided by the Cyprus public sector by early 2024.


Autor(en)/Author(s): David Glass

Quelle/Source: Seatrade Maritime News, 12.08.2022

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