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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The draft law on electronic administration seeks to improve the ambience in which public administration will be at the service of citizens and businesses, by which citizens and businesspeople will communicate with public administration at any time and from any place. This was announced at a roundtable organized by the Ministry of Public Administration on the occasion of a public hearing on the Draft Law on Electronic Administration. At the Round Table, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration Dejan Abazovic and Head of the Directorate for Interoperability of Registries and Regulatory Affairs, Bojana Bajić, spoke.

Representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration in the introductory part of the presentation emphasized that one of the Government's major priorities is digitization and the development of a modern, digital state.

"They pointed out that one of the key reasons for the adoption of a new law is to improve further legal solutions that should overcome certain weaknesses and problems that have emerged in practice," it is said in the statement.

The aim is to further organize the area of e-government, following its real and projected needs, both from the aspect of development and following the requirements of international integration processes. "A new legal solution seeks to improve the ambience in which public administration will be at the service of citizens and businesses in a way that citizens and business entities communicate with public administration at any time and from any place," the statement reads.

As outlined, the new law on electronic administration regulates the use of information-communication technologies in management authorities at all levels, both in the performance of their duties and in communication with citizens, companies, other legal entities and entrepreneurs.

"The Draft Law on Electronic Administration advises the handling and use of the unique information system of the state administration authority, the information and communication network of the state administration, the domain of the state administration network, the unique system for electronic data exchange, the establishment of meta-registers and information systems as well as other resources necessary for the electronic administration," the ministry said.

In addition, electronic communications of the state administration authorities, the manner of use and assignment of licenses, the obligation to publish the catalog of electronic administration services, the way of delivering electronic documents, the system for electronic identification and authentication and the electronic billing system for administrative fees are agreed.

"Also, this legal solution will create the conditions for citizens, the economy and the state to utilize the new technologies to the fullest extent, to make the jobs faster, more efficient and cheaper, and by implementing this law to increase transparency and trust in the work of public administration," concludes the statement.


Quelle/Source: Total Montenegro News, 22.01.2019

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