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Freitag, 24.05.2024
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A programme which aims to make services in Scottish cities greener and more efficient has secured £10 million in European funding.

The Scottish Cities Alliance announced the funds as it launched its Smart Cities Scotland brand at an event in Glasgow.

The alliance, a collaboration between Scotland's seven cities and the Scottish Government, aims to use Smart City technology to transform cities into world-leading digital hubs to enable them to become more internationally competitive and boost economic growth.

Smart Cities around the world aim to create efficient infrastructure, aid urban planning and improve the well-being of the population by using data and integrating technological systems.

Infrastructure, Investment and Cities Secretary Keith Brown announced the funding at the inaugural Smart Cities Scotland event at Strathclyde University today.

He said: "The Scottish Government fully supports efforts to make Scotland's cities smart cities and welcomes today's launch of the Smart Cities Scotland brand.

"As digital technologies continue to transform our daily lives, we need to make sure that our cities are equipped to deliver for their citizens and for Scotland.

"That is why I am very pleased to confirm that the Scottish Cities Alliance has successfully secured £10 million in funding from the European Regional Development Fund."

Possible projects for the Smart Cities Scotland programme include intelligent street lighting to reduce CO2 emissions and transport management which would involve analysing data collected using sensors to reduce congestion.

Andrew Burns, chair of the Scottish Cities Alliance, said: "It has been shown that cities which adopt a Smart City approach make services more effective and the cities themselves more attractive to investors.

"By working together, Scotland's cities are utilising economies of scale to learn individually and share that knowledge collectively, to be at the cutting edge of Smart City technology and the benefits that brings."


Quelle/Source: The Herald, 24.09.2023

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