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Donnerstag, 15.04.2021
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Security company Securitas and Flowbird Urban Intelligence, the largest provider of street parking meters, have signed a partnership agreement and submitted a proposal for new parking meters in Punda and Otrobanda.

They hope to be able to compete in the public tender for parking management in the city center, launched by the government. If the proposal is approved, everyone will soon be able to park in Punda and Otrabanda and pay by means of a mobile app.

Following the idea of ​​“SMART CITY”, the two companies have joined forces to make parking in the center of Curacao digital. Digital parking meters or kiosks will be installed for this purpose. According to Danielle Chautard, Flowbird's head of Marketing and Communications, “The kiosks can do much more than pay for parking. For example, they are used in other countries as information kiosks, access to parks and payment for bus or train tickets.” Charging stations for electric cars will also be installed in the city center.

After downloading the app in the Apple Store or Google Play, the license plate must be entered, and payment can be made via debit or credit card. After this, a parking time is selected, and start must be pressed. When the parking time is over, the app gives a notification, and you can choose to extend the parking time and pay extra. The system even offers the option of letting the driver know where parking spaces are still available.

The physical parking ticket has therefore become redundant with this system but can still be printed. You can also swipe with pre-paid payment cards or pay with coins.

If a motorist has not paid and is given a wheel clamp, the control room is available 24/7, payment can be made immediately, and the clamp will be removed.

Jeroen Kibbelaar of Securitas believes that attention should be paid to a customer-friendly experience. “For example, Securitas will use environmentally friendly golf carts that allow service-oriented inspectors to be on site quickly,” said Kibbelaar. Securitas has also included in the proposal that at least one third of the proceeds from parking fees go to the government.


Quelle/Source: Curacao Chronicle, 02.03.2021

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