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Japanese developer Mitsui Fudosan is focusing on community-based urban development in "Kashiwanoha Smart City" in Chiba Prefecture, where medical and research institutions are concentrated.

A new accommodation facility that closely links a hotel and a hospital will open in July. The company is targeting foreign and domestic visitors for medical purposes.

Kashiwanoha Smart City is located within about 25 km of central Tokyo. Its strength lies in its abundant natural environment. The prefectural government has been undertaking a land readjustment project in an area of approximately 273 hectares with a planned population of 26,000.

Another feature of the area is that many medical and research institutions owning cutting-edge technology are based in the town. Mitsui Fudosan is promoting urban development by tangible and intangible approaches, encouraging collaboration between industry, academia, and medicine under the theme of "a town for good health”.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwanoha Parkside will open on the east side of the National Cancer Center (NCC) East Hospital. The seven-story, steel structure building will have a total floor space of 8,330 square meters. The hotel will have a total of 145 guest rooms, with seven types of rooms ranging in size from 22 to 60 square meters. The design and construction was undertaken by Tokyu Construction.

All rooms are equipped with call buttons, and in the event of a sudden change in a patient's condition, care staff will be on duty 24 hours a day to respond. The hallways and entrances are wide enough for stretchers to pass through, and toilets are equipped for ostomates. In addition to providing hospitality to patients, the hospital is ready to receive patients from the neighboring hospital.

NCC East Hospital, which provides the most advanced cancer treatment in the world, receives approximately 300,000 patients a year from all over Japan and abroad. With 425 beds, however, the number of beds is not sufficient. The hotel is located a three-minute walk from the hospital and meets the accommodation needs of patients and their families visiting from afar. According to Mitsui Fudosan, this is the first project in Japan of a privately-owned hotel being developed at the site of a cancer hospital.


Quelle/Source: Bao Xay Dung, 09.07.2022

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