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Donnerstag, 28.05.2020
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Digital Economy and Society Minister Buddhipongse Punakanta has set out three policy fronts to pursue the Thailand 4.0 scheme.

Buddhipongse said these fronts covered digital economy, digital society and digital security. The Digital Economy and Society Ministry will also set up a Fake News Center to combat fake news in the country.

With the digital economy, the ministry will develop an online platform to encourage companies in the private sector to use digital technology to support their businesses. It will promote initiatives such as cryptocurrencies. It will allow users to access e-government services via a single platform.

On the digital society, the ministry will encourage people to upgrade their digital skills. It will reduce the gaps in knowledge on digital technology. It will also push for government agencies to provide services via digital channels to achieve a paperless system. The ministry will develop a portal and a mobile application that will let users reach these services.

Buddhipongse said that for digital security, the ministry will help government agencies monitor reports and news that hurt national security and in this way protect people from fake news.

The minister said that he has asked executives who manage government agencies under the Digital Economy and Society Ministry to submit proposals to the ministry within 10 days.

The ministry then will set up a new budget for the 2020 fiscal year and submit the budget to the Budget Bureau by August 9.

The anti-fake news centre will monitor news reports in terms of national security. The ministry is in talks with officials from government agencies on how the centre will be run.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Jirapan Boonnoon

Quelle/Source: The Nation Thailand, 18.07.2019

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