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Bangkok Land, a Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)-listed company, is poised to transform Mueang Thong Thani into a smart city district. This ambitious plan includes the establishment of a new seafood and fruit centre aimed at providing affordable goods to attract tourists to Nonthaburi. The development is strategically timed to coincide with the launch of the Pink Line monorail service, set to commence operations next year.

Paul Kanjanapas, Chief Executive of Bangkok Land and operator of Impact Exhibition Management, highlighted that Mueang Thong Thani is home to approximately 300,000 residents, with about 200,000 commuting daily. The development initiative aims not only to increase revenue for residents and local businesses, such as restaurants but also to promote sustainable development practices. These include energy-saving measures and safety management, enhanced by future artificial intelligence technologies.

Bangkok Land is engaging with food delivery and ride-hailing service providers to develop an application that will create job opportunities for residents and expand the market for businesses in the area, said Paul.

“There’s strong demand for taxi and ride-hailing services when Impact hosts big events. With the new booking system, residents who own a vehicle could earn extra income by doing driving jobs.

“The app would also help solve issues related to taxi scams.”

To further support local businesses, the company intends to encourage exhibition organisers to utilise catering services from Mueang Thong Thani restaurants, rather than solely relying on Impact’s catering services.

“Although this may reduce Impact’s catering revenue, it offers a greater benefit to visitors and stakeholders in the area.

“The company can instead allocate its resources to outside businesses that can create a higher margin.”

In the short term, Bangkok Land plans to expand Ruamjai fresh market into a centre for fresh seafood and local fruit by sourcing products directly from local farmers and fishermen, bypassing middlemen. This includes bringing in seafood from regions like Samae San and Sattahip, ensuring fair prices for consumers and suppliers. Additionally, the market will add 300 seats for dining and build a new warehouse dedicated to durian sales.

The goal is to develop a new tourist hotspot akin to Bangkok’s Or Tor Kor market or renowned fish markets abroad. The first wholesale and retail durian distribution centre in Nonthaburi is expected to increase traffic in Mueang Thong Thani, creating more jobs and boosting business volume.

New stations

The opening of two new stations on the Pink Line monorail within Mueang Thong Thani is anticipated to bolster the smart city development plan. One station will connect directly with Impact Challenger Hall, while the other will be near a lakeside area slated for expansion as part of the project.

To support condo owners in Mueang Thong Thani, Bangkok Land plans to feature more rental units on its website, offering local accommodation options for exhibitors and attendees. Additionally, discussions are underway with a hotel management company to develop a new five-star hotel worth 2 billion baht, as part of a mixed-use development on a 600-rai plot by the lake.

Bangkok Land also plans to sign a memorandum of understanding with the National Innovation Agency to attract startups focused on smart living technology, reported Bangkok Post.

“Startups could use Mueang Thong Thani as a case study for their products and services, which would be more convenient than other public areas that may require complex procedures to obtain permission for such activities.”

These innovations could include self-driving technologies, with the smart city providing a dedicated area for startups to test their products.


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