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The new St Stephen’s Hospital in Hervey Bay, which opened last week, is the nation’s first entirely digital medical facility.

Partly funded by a $47 million federal government grant, the hospital has completely digitised record and patient management in addition to a digital drug dispensing facility and a capacity to monitor patients during surgeries.

UnitingCare Health executive director Richard Royle told the ABC that embracing digital was the way of the future.

“It is seen generally as the way of the future in health care, no doubt about it, not dissimilarly to if you think about banking 15 or 20 years ago and think about banking today and look at how electronic it is now in banking, the same will apply over the next decade or two with health care,” he said.

“The product we are using is proven internationally and is in many, many hundreds of hospitals around the world.

“We have also made sure we have security in place and have various back-up systems in place if part of the system drops out and I can ensure you the back-up systems are extensive here and include back-up generators and back-up data centres.

“The reality is that every transaction that occurs in this hospital will be on the computer and that means all the equipment in the hospital, everything to the equipment in operating theatre, to the equipment into the patients’ rooms, to the images taken in our X-ray department – everything will be done electronically into the patients’ records.”


Quelle/Source: Transforming The Nation's Healthcare, 29.10.2014

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