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ASX listed artificial company SenSen Networks (ASX: SNS) has launched a smartphone app for city council staff that it says will contribute to the development of smart cities by making operations related to civic compliance, asset management, traffic data collection and analysis, security and surveillance more affordable, accessible and versatile.

It claims the app, GeminEYE, does this by using proprietary AI-powered process automation software that can pull information from video, sensors and other data points to automate labour intensive processes.

GeminEYE has been launched with two applications — for parking restriction enforcement and illegal dumping detection — but SenSen says more are in the pipeline.

Parking enforcement the first app

For parking enforcement, SenSen says a council employee simply mounts their smartphone on their motorbike or the dashboard of their vehicle and GeminEYE’s AI-powered software will recognise the numberplates of parked vehicles and determine whether or not they violate parking restrictions.

Similarly for illegal dumping, SenSen says the app analyses feeds from the phone’s sensors and cameras in real-time and uses its proprietary AI-powered software to detect the activity and evidence of interest, such as illegal dumping.

It then sends information to SenSen’s cloud-based back-office platform, SenBOS, for organisations to verify, saving a significant amount of time and resources required to analyse activity.

SenSen CEO Subhash Challa, said the product would be a game changer for governments, cities and councils, offering an unprecedentedly cost-effective solution for smart city management.

“Technology is greatly enhancing the civic services cities can provide, but the cost of today’s specialist equipment and technology is prohibitively expensive for most cities in the world.”

He said GeminEYE delivered “a higher level of intelligence and services compared to existing world-class infrastructure analysis solutions at a much lower cost … helping us to usher in a new era of smart cities worldwide, and … helping our customers to make roads safer, cities smarter and businesses more productive.”

Open APIs

SenSen said GeminEYE came with a set of open APIs that facilitate integration with third-party software platforms to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions for smart cities.

It said it was working with parking systems developers to provide an integrated, digital parking management solution, and would continue to develop new applications for GeminEYE and its associated platform.

However Challa said GeminEYE had the potential for applications well beyond smart cities.

Many other applications

“You could have every retailer in the world using the app to track their stores or foot traffic within them. You could have manufacturers using it to advise on new efficiencies,” he said.

“Mining and construction could also use it for health and safety. There are different applications for GeminEYE every city, industry and business in the world.

“We believe this is going to open up and deliver many new functions beyond the two services available today, and significantly broaden SenSen’s global addressable market.”


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Quelle/Source: IoTAustralia, 01.04.2019

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