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Dienstag, 4.10.2022
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The government of Western Australia launched a new Interagency Data Science Graduate Programme, a first for the Western Australian public sector, to put graduates at the forefront of some of the State’s most innovative projects and critical initiatives.

Following the launch of the Digital Strategy 2021-2025 and the focus on using data-driven decisions to benefit the community, the government identified the need to create a defined data science career pathway in the public sector.

The Department of Communities, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and the WA Police Force are combining to deliver a data science programme that will help to grow the sector’s digital capabilities. The programme offers graduates a unique opportunity to apply their data skills and knowledge to inform Government policy, services and programs to improve the lives of Western Australians.

The programme is structured over 12 months, with graduates completing three four-month rotations between the participating agencies. It will harness the diverse skills and backgrounds of graduates to help deliver convenient, smart and secure digital services to the WA community.

The programme will be seeking graduates with skills and qualifications in data programming languages, analysis of geospatial data, statistical modelling and data visualisation software. Successful applicants will commence the program in February 2023. While data science skills are already benefitting WA significantly, there is a need to encourage more to enter the industry, with 3,000 new local jobs expected in the next 10 years.

The 12-month Interagency Data Science Graduate Programme will offer insight into a wide range of exciting opportunities available across the public sector and provide graduates with the practical skills and professional experience to kickstart their careers. Applications are now open to join the 2023 Interagency Data Science Graduate Programme.

The WA Innovation and ICT Minister stated that under the region’s Digital Strategy 2021-2025, the government is investing in the growth of the public sector’s digital and data analytics capabilities. He said he was also looking forward to announcing the launch of this graduate programme as there is tremendous potential for graduates from a data science background to help to shape WA’s digital future.

About the Digital Strategy 2021-2025

WA Government agencies will collaborate to deliver the vision and objectives of the Digital Strategy 2021-2025. The Office of Digital Government and WA Government agencies will codesign annual strategy roadmaps, that will highlight the different projects and initiatives being worked on and delivered that financial year.

The Digital Strategy Roadmaps will include whole of government and agency-led initiatives that help to progress the strategic priorities and key objectives of the Digital Strategy. Most importantly, the strategy roadmaps will help WA Government agencies to identify opportunities to participate in whole of government initiatives, or ways that they can leverage digital capabilities from other agencies.

With a solid digital foundation, the WA Government can now reimagine the role of digital in how government serves people, businesses and communities. These foundations will enable the government to deliver convenient, smart, and secure services for all Western Australians.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Alita Sharon

Quelle/Source: Open Gov Asia, 15.08.2022

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