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Sonntag, 12.07.2020
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Velodyne Lidar Inc. has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Outsight, a provider of monitoring services for smart cities. Outsight uses Velodyne Lidar sensing technology in its 3D camera that helps businesses and governments improve the analysis and management of people flow and assets in large crowded environments, according to a press release.

Velodyne's lidar sensors enable Outsight's 3D camera to capture 3D data and track people and objects in a way that preserves anonymity and trust. The autonomous system merges lidar data capture with RGB color data and an embedded artificial intelligence processing unit to create a premises-wide, detailed situational understanding of facilities, such as airports, shopping malls and train stations.

In a smart city application, the 3D cameras provide operators of public spaces access to real-time data and analysis without compromising private data protection. The laser is being deployed at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport to optimize the passenger journey, improve queue and asset management, and enhance compliance and safety.

Outsight's 3D cameras can also be deployed to support social distancing and public health. The solution can track individuals based on selected criteria, such as lack of physical distancing, high temperature or not wearing a mask, without having to visually identify them. The Outsight device then can alert the operator when an abnormal event is detected, saving time and resources while optimizing crowd flows.

"Velodyne's lidar sensors play an essential role in helping our platform capture, process and understand congested environments so operators can work to increase operational efficiency and security," Cedric Hutchings, CEO, Outsight, said in the press release. "The Velodyne lidar sensors allow us to track each individual person and object with centimeter-level precision. They enable our solutions to precisely monitor movements, velocity and interactions between all persons and objects in real time."

"Outsight uses Velodyne's lidar technology to bring a totally new approach to real-time situational awareness on what's happening in busy spaces, such as airports," said Jon Barad, vice president of business development, Velodyne Lidar. "Their system helps organizations move away from traditional surveillance to create a more intelligent infrastructure that tracks people and objects in a more reliable way."


Quelle/Source: Kiosk Marketplace, 16.06.2020

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