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Today we live in a world where everything around us is smart -- whether it is smartphones, smart TVs or even smart homes where everything is connected digitally.

And slowly, we’re progressing to a world where our entire cities are smart, connected on a deeper level.

smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm has announced an IoT Services Suit to offer end-to-end IoT as a Service or IoTaaS solutions for helping to transform smart cities and connected global spaces across the world.

The suite consists of plug-and-play solutions including the hardware, the silicon that goes inside them as well as software and platform integration. For instance, Infinite Computer Solutions -- a member of Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program Ecosystem -- offers support for IoT Suite platform layer with its Zyter SmartSpaces Platform. The platform makes use of Qualcomm’s chip-based subsystems to support middleware, data operations cloud services, offer better security and user experience as well as for analytics collective intelligence and AI.

Building a smart, connected city

With the help of IoT Suite, Qualcomm helps ecosystem members to offer smart applications as a service in a variety of fields. For example, Smart cities and spaces as a service that offers smart lighting, signage and parking solutions.

Education as a service allows school districts across the US uninterrupted access to ecosystem members, OneScreen and HoverCam to allow smart classrooms with hybrid learning settings.

Construction Management as-a-Service focuses on the safety of workers and digital management of construction sites, collaborating with ecosystem members Everguard and Guardhat.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Monit Khanna

Quelle/Source: India Times, 10.12.2020

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