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Itron and Cisco offer reliable connectivity, robust security, and proven applications for utilities and cities implementing smart solutions.

Smart utilities and cities require robust infrastructure solutions and networks to operate on. With Itron and Cisco, utilities can leverage the power of industrial IoT (IIoT) networks to gain more insight into their distribution networks, while using a broad range of proven applications to increase operational efficiency and customer service.

The two companies have a long history of working together, first announcing their strategic alliance in 2010 to deliver an IPv6-based communications architecture for utilities and cities.

“Our partnership was originally formed to support the smart grid side of the electrical grid,” Brian Pearce, Cisco business development manager said. “We built the advanced metering infrastructure solution between Itron and Cisco. Itron is a leader in the utilities space, and Cisco is a leader in the networking space, so as we looked to devise a solution that would utilize networking, it made sense for the two companies that were current leaders in that space to partner.”

Today, the partnership has evolved and has expanded with a global reach. Itron and Cisco’s proven IIoT platform is now supporting utilities and cities in implementing smart solutions across the globe. It offers reliable network connectivity and robust security to support multiple applications.

The network enables field devices to leverage distributed intelligence to deliver predictive analysis and localized control across utility networks, supporting real-time analysis and response to changing conditions in real-time – as opposed to sending all the data to the back office for analysis after an event has occurred.

“Cisco has always been a strong leader in IT, [with networking], data center, and security. And Itron's really been strong in operational technology, with the metering, AMR and AMI technology. That’s where this partnership was very complimentary, as far as going to market together and delivering a best-in-class solution to our customers,” Ed May, director of strategic alliances with Itron said.

“We see this convergence of IT and OT more so every day,” Pearce said. “Our partnership is a good fit for the water market because it's standards based. The IPv6 network is a networking standard around IP, so putting this technology into meters and devices essentially turns those devices into computers that can run multiple applications – smart metering, for example.

“The network is multi-purpose, so whether it is utilized for smart electric metering, or even for the water and the gas market, it gives utilities and cities that canopy to do other things beyond AMI. All different types of applications can run on that same investment.”

Itron and Cisco formed their strategic partnership to solve critical, emerging challenges for utilities. Building on Itron’s widely deployed and proven AMI platforms, the collaboration continues to advance the interests of smart utilities and cities.

“At Cisco, we consider water to be a key component to achieving a smart city,” Pearce said. “The Itron-Cisco solution fits all spaces and creates that multi-service network that we can use for other applications like smart cities.”

CTA: Itron and Cisco are delivering scalable, multi-purpose industrial IoT network solutions across the globe. To learn more, visit https://go.itron.com/WaterWorldCisco.


Quelle/Source: Water World, 08.11.2019

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