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Hyperautomation, legacy modernization, and total experience are the top 2022 digital transformation trends for government organizations, says Gartner. Keeping up-to-date with these technology trends is a must for government organizations to improve their services and citizen experience.

Let’s look at the five ways government organizations can accelerate digital and transform citizen services:

  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption

    An important thing we learned from recent events is that cloud adoption is a must to ensure unhindered services. Cloud deployment can allow government agencies to operate in a remote and dynamic environment without compromising on quality and service. It enables collaboration, ensures access to information in a remote setting, and helps keep stakeholders connected in real-time. Migrating to the cloud means better productivity, cost optimization, and a seamless experience for both the citizens and the employees. It can also bring about scalability without incurring massive infrastructure costs.

  • Leverage Content Management Services

    Government organizations need to have a system in place that can manage all document types, irrespective of the format, including video content. An enterprise content management system has document capture, storage, and retrieval capabilities, facilitating content lifecycle management. It provides government users access to information anytime-anywhere, assists them in making smarter decisions, and provides better citizen service delivery.

  • Manage Citizen Experience with Workflow Automation

    With citizens expecting more accessible, responsive, and transparent services from government agencies, the right technologies in place can help serve them better. Workflow automation platforms enable end-to-end automation (from service application and approval to delivery) of citizen services, such as e-filing, tax administration, certificate issuance, vehicle registration, etc. Coupled with content services capability, such platforms can help government agencies streamline service delivery to citizens irrespective of place, time, or medium. Giving citizens round-the-clock access to programs, information, and services can go a long way in enhancing citizen satisfaction.

  • Empower the Workforce with Hyperautomation

    Hyperautomation tools should be on top of every government’s technology investment list. Hyperautomation combines a range of disruptive technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and process intelligence that can augment the human workforce. RPA can help in last-mile process automation, which can effectively eliminate bottlenecks. AI/ML can enable users to make smarter decisions and provide more context to interactions, allowing them to deliver greater value and personalized citizen services. Hyperautomation technologies allow government organizations to provide intelligent citizen-centric services that are proactive and seamless.

  • Ensure Security and Privacy Controls with EDRMS

    One of the most important factors for government agencies is maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of their citizens. This means the data and government records must be managed with top security and privacy checks in place, and that too in compliance with the local regulatory guidelines. The use of an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) can accelerate digital transformation initiatives by simplifying the process for content classification, long-term preservation and disposition while ensuring the security and integrity of the records across the accessibility channels.

In Conclusion

Unprecedented events in the recent past and the evolving citizen expectations demand government organizations to accelerate their digital initiatives. Much has been done to date, yet there is enough potential to improve. By leveraging workflow automation, hyperautomation, EDRMS, and cloud technologies, government agencies can enhance citizen experience, roll out schemes more effectively, and deliver intelligent and responsive governance.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Arpan Bansal

Quelle/Source: Dataquest, 03.06.2022

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