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Montag, 27.05.2024
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Chatbot is designed around a family of expert domain fine-tuned models that have unique access to government databases and generates responses and explanations.

UrbanLogiq has announced the launch of its government-grade generative AI assistant, Ethica.

According to UrbanLogiq, Ethica is designed around a family of expert domain fine-tuned models that have unique access to government databases and generates responses and explanations, from users asking questions using plain language.

Harnessing generative AI

“The transformative potential is immense when government agencies harness generative AI. A small-town public servant with limited resources having access to world class domain expertise and data at their fingertips can transform the way they make decisions,” said Mark Masongsong, CEO of UrbanLogiq.

“At UrbanLogiq, we’re leading this change, ethically and transparently. We believe in opening new pathways to democratise this technology for government agencies of all sizes, to better serve the public in a safe and secure manner.”

As governments have access to the public’s sensitive information they should be held to a higher standard for data security and compliance. It is paramount for them to not only implement but require robust protections to ensure citizen data is secure.

A few key differences and features set Ethica apart from other systems, UrbanLogiq claims, enabling governments to responsibly leverage the benefits of generative AI technology. These include:

  • Limiting LLM to curated training expert data: Ethica’s training data is curated using specific data sources to minimise risk of system hallucinations and respects intellectual property rights, while being specifically tuned around unique government workflows and information requirements
  • No data leakage: UrbanLogiq’s proprietary model can guarantee when people query or input data into the system there is no leakage
  • Built-in attribution to ensure transparency and accountability: Not a black box system, the system transparently exposes the sources of information used in its answer. Ethica also provides a quality rating for the answer ensuring users understand the confidence level of the information provided
  • Audit trail of usage and every iteration: UrbanLogiq’s system architecture keeps an immutable audit trail of every interaction to ensure transparency and accountability
  • Federated access and fine-grained record controls: The system calibrates its answers based on specific user access level, and jurisdiction and agency data rules, providing governments with a high degree of control over what data is provided and to whom.

UrbanLogiq reports Ethica is currently in beta testing, offered to a select group its clients giving feedback throughout development. A full production roll-out is expected for 2024.

UrbanLogiq’s data analytics platform helps governments make the most out of their existing data by integrating diverse datasets across departments and domains, ensuring the integrity, safety, and compliance of data to harness its full potential.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 03.04.2024

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