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Monday, 27.05.2024
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BS: Bahamas

  • BS: Prime Minister hails e-Government scheme

    The government confirmed its continuing commitment to the modernisation of the public service through the e-Government scheme yesterday.

    During the 2011/2012 Budget communication, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham announced the implementation of an Information Technology Cadet Programme which will train 10 students.

    Initial components of the e-Government scheme are set to launch in less than two months.

    These include: a new Department of Information Technology; a revamped government website; and seven online government services.

  • BS: Public Servants urged to embrace e-Government ‘whole-heartedly’

    Public Servants were challenged to “embrace e-Government” wholeheartedly as the process will allow the Public Service to become more client-centred and productive.

    Minister of National Security, the Hon. O.A. “Tommy” Turnquest said the Government of The Bahamas’ commitment to e-Government will transform the Public Service into an even more efficient entity by providing the general public with greater access to public information and government services.

    He further said the provision of on-line services in areas such as the payment of real property taxes, renewal of driver’s licenses and submission of applications for passports, marriage licenses and death certificates, in addition to the payment of traffic fines, will assist public servants in meeting the needs of citizens, residents, businesses and non-residents, in a more efficient manner.

  • BS: Rolle: e-gov’t timelines will be tested

    The government yesterday debuted its $10.2 million e-government portal intended to help make doing business in The Bahamas easier.

    Chairman of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employer’s Confederation (BCCEC) Winston Rolle called the launch “encouraging”. He told Guardian Business after the launch at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort yesterday that the new system should help ease much of the frustration the private sector experiences doing business with the public sector.

    The new service has built-in workflow management features that should identify unresolved queries and other stress-points that threaten timely service delivery, according to the e-government web portal and e-services project manager Carol Roach.

  • BS: Senator Highlights Move to E-Cabinet and E-Government Services as Consumer Rights Week 2019 Activities Close

    The Ministry of Labour (MOL) officially celebrated World Consumer Rights Day (March 15) with a special ceremony and exhibition in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Friday.

    The ceremony was held at the Harold DeGregory Complex and brought to a climax World Consumer Rights Week which was recognized with various activities in New Providence and the major Family Islands. The theme for the week was “Trusted Smart Products”.

  • BS: Senator highlights move to E-Cabinet, E-Government services

    The Ministry of Labour (MOL) officially celebrated World Consumer Rights Day (March 15) with a special ceremony and exhibition in Freeport, Grand Bahama on Friday past.

    The ceremony was held at the Harold DeGregory Complex and brought to a climax World Consumer Rights Week which was recognized with various activities in New Providence and the major Family Islands. The theme for the week was “Trusted Smart Products”.

  • BS: Singapore helps the Bahamas develop e-govt projects

    The Bahamian government has engaged the government of Singapore to recommend best practices on e-government in an effort to strengthen ICT infrastructure and improve online service delivery in Bahamas.

    Singapore government’s technology subsidiary, IDA International, will act as the ICT advisor to Bahamian government managing the overall e-government programme deployment in the country.

    Zhivargo Laing, Minister of State for Finance on Bahamas E-Government Programme Development, said the government will seek to lay the technical foundation and governance structure in the Singapore Model to drive the Bahamas’ e-government agenda.

  • BS: Tele-ambulance services being introduced

    Minister of Health Dr. Hubert Minnis announced that the Public Hospitals Authority is very close to furthering e-health in New Providence with its tele-ambulance services, which will facilitate faster, more responsive medical assistance and hospital care to members of the public.

    According to the health minister, this latest advancement in electronic healthcare will allow emergency service personnel and technicians to monitor what occurs inside an ambulance while en route in real time.

  • BS: Tele-medicine program successfully underway in Abaco

    Saving lives and medical success is something the telemedicine program has brought to the residents of Abaco. Through the reach of technology the Ministry of Health extended its telemedicine program on that island, to include regularly scheduled weekly Dermatology Clinic between New Providence and Abaco. Since the launch of the program in January 21st, 42 patients were booked at the clinic in Marsh Harbour, Abaco with Skin specialist (Dermatologist) Dr. Herbert Olander.

    The program facilitates Dr. Olander treating and examining patients via video conferencing technology from New Providence while the patients remain in Abaco. The success of this Telemedicine program has exceeded the expectations of officials within the Ministry of Health. Of those 42 patients examined and treated, physicians detected that three patient’s required biopsy. One patient diagnosed with skin cancer is presently being treated. This facility has proven invaluable as it saves time and allows immediate intervention in medical cases, improving patient treatment options. This also means hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to patients eliminating the need to travel between a Family Island and New Providence even as far as the United States for specialist care.

  • BS:Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates now available with partial launch of E-Government Services

    Registrar General's office launch specific E-Government services on Eleuthera.

    Thursday, May 9th, 2013 saw the partial launch of E-government services in Eleuthera, with the introduction of the resources to acquire birth, death and marriage certificates directly from Administrative offices in Harbour Island, North Eleuthera (Upper Bogue), Governor’s Harbour and Rock Sound.

    On hand to officially launch the introduction of those Registrar General’s services across the Eleutheras, were Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General, Allison Maynard-Gibson; Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera and Minister of State for Legal Affairs, Damian Gomez; and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Archie Nairn.

  • E-Bahamas: A Bahamas tomorrow

    When you look around New Providence today, what do you see? When you think of our institutions, what do they offer? What does The Bahamas look like now? Are we only sun, sand and sea or are we promise, potential, and possibilities? I think the latter.

    Some Bahamians look around in New Providence through impatient eyes and see mounds and mounds of dirt, debris and open trenches. They see workmen and equipment digging, placing pipes and paving the roads on many of our major thoroughfares. I, however, look not at the present state but the future. I see the infrastructural improvements in fiber optic cabling, underground utilities for water and power. I see what the roadwork will offer, what it will change and what it will impact.

  • E-Government could revitalise Bahamas public sector

    The government unveiled its plans to strengthen and expand the country's information technology infrastructure yesterday - an ambitious initiative that if executed correctly could herald a complete revitalisation of the public sector.

    Under the guidance of the government of Singapore - a country renowned for its groundbreaking use of information technology to drive economic success - the Bahamian government hopes to launch the first phase of new online services in less than eight months.

  • e-Government to Participate in 1st Ever Bahamas Real Estate Inter-island Webinar & Conference

    Brokers, agents, appraiser and developers will gather throughout the archipelago to participate in the first ever Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) Inter-island Webinar & Conference scheduled for June 4 at the Balmoral Club.

    The half-day session will provide current information on issues affecting the real estate industry and will include presentations on updates on the government’s e-portal by Carol Roach, Deputy Director of Information Technology in the Ministry of Finance; anti-money laundering by Stephen Thompson, Compliance Commission Inspector and factors affecting property values in The Bahamas by Paul Worrell, Principal DHP Associates.

  • Internet and e-commerce industry in Bahamas

    The amazing country Bahamas, representing an archipelago comprising of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets, is located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) and the Caribbean Sea, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and southeast of the USA. Economic activity of the country populated by just 307,000 inhabitants is mostly based on tourism and financial services. A relatively high level of economic freedom has made The Bahamas, with its capital in Nassau, one of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean region.

  • Passport Office urging Bahamians to take advantage of slow period

    Officials at the Passport Office are urging Bahamians to take advantage of the slow period after the summer rush and before the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush, and apply for the Machine Readable Passport or e-Passport.

    This plea also comes as Bahamians are being required to produce a current or valid passport when voter registration drive is announced for the next General Election.

    “We are happy to say that we are meeting our objective in New Providence after the summer rush. We are producing our passports now within 14 days,” said Donald Cash, Undersecretary at the Passport Office.

  • Technology enhances Bahamas economy, says minister

    The economic and social achievements of The Bahamas are due to the development of the country’s information communications technology infrastructure, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Zhivargo Laing said last week.

    Laing was addressing the official opening ceremony of the 10th General Conference of Ministers of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in Nassau.

  • The Bahamas strengthens its cybersecurity capacity

    The Bahamas has launched a project with ITU to set up a national Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) to help protect the small island country’s critical digital infrastructure and data.

    The National Cybersecurity Project, started in January and officially launched in February at national level, aims to help assess current Bahamian capabilities in this rapidly evolving field, as well as develop its National Cybersecurity Strategy.

  • The Bahamas-Canada agreement for e-government consulting services

    The Governments of The Bahamas and Canada have signed an agreement for the Department of Consulting and Audit Canada (CAC) to provide consulting services for the acceleration of e-government throughout the Bahamian public service.

    The agreement was signed on July 25 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ottawa, Canada.

    The engagement was recently approved by the Cabinet to advance the establishment of the national communications and information technology framework.

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