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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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Call Center

  • USA: Covington, Virginia First in Commonwealth to Implement Online Citizen Service Request System

    City of Covington and Partner to Give Citizens an Efficient Way to Place Non-Emergency Service Requests Online

    The City of Covington is the first in the Commonwealth to offer the QAlert service to its citizens through its recently redesigned Web site The QAlert™ Municipal CRM System, is a dynamic Web-based tool that enables citizens to place non-emergency service requests from anywhere with Internet access, 24 hours a day.

  • USA: CRM for E-Government

    Lagan's Frontlink brings the City of Minneapolis into the 3-1-1 age

    Until recently, Minneapolis's 400,000 citizens often had to call a series of different departments to gain access to specific city services. Studies by the City of Minneapolis showed that as much as 20 to 30 percent of these calls from citizens to the City were misrouted and unresolved. Citizen requests for service were cumbersome to track, and determining the status of a request was challenging.

  • USA: Government Call Centers Improve Customer Satisfaction, Study Finds

    Despite the fact that call volume to agencies tends to spike in tough economic times, satisfaction with government call centers has gone up five points this year, according to the latest Government Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2010 report.

    The study, prepared jointly by CFI Group and the Federal Consulting Group, found that the biggest increases in caller satisfaction resulted from the shorter amount of time it takes on average to reach a live agent and improved interactive voice response systems. Both of these issues historically have been the bane of the call center experience for callers.

  • USA: Study: Medicare call centers fumble policy questions

    Medicare call centers lack the resources to provide accurate policy information to health care providers, according to a recent study by the Government Accountability Office.

    “During our test calls, customer service representatives typically provided incorrect and incomplete answers to the 300 policy-oriented questions we posed,” GAO reported. “Only 4 percent of their responses were correct and complete.”

  • USA: Why Do You Need a 311 Contact Center?

    A 311 call-center model has emerged as a proven standard for municipal communications in numerous cities throughout the world. There are many reasons why a 311 contact center is a critical component in the efficient delivery of effective e-government. For example, opportunities exist to divert calls from the 911 emergency call center, improve citizen service, and better manage costs and budgets.

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