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Tuesday, 28.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

CR: Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica's Micitt announces two more smart city pilots for 2021

    Costa Rica's ministry of science, technology and telecommunications (Micitt) announced that it would unveil two new smart city pilots before 2021, according to its national plan of science, technology and innovation.

    These two prototypes will run alongside the two smart regions announced by the deputy minister for telecommunications, Allan Ruiz, which could be completed before 2018.

  • CR: Digitization Today, in Pandemic

    The Pandemic derived from COVID-19 has brought with it many unfavorable consequences. But through it humanity has experienced an even more advanced digitization. Which according to researchers was expected by the end of this decade.

    In the midst of a negative impact, which has been experienced in all parts of the world due to the recommendations to avoid the spread of the disease and with it possible sources of contagion. It is precisely these actions that have led technology to experience a new boom where it is undoubtedly the protagonist in the new daily life.

  • Korean company could offer free national Wi-Fi network in Costa Rica

    Ticos may be able to forget about asking for Wi-Fi passwords for their smartphones and tablets if a new public infrastructure project gets off the ground.

    Casa Presidencial and the Foreign Trade Ministry announced Thursday that the government is in discussions with the South Korean company Wells Communications, Inc. to develop a national LED public lighting system that would also provide free wireless Internet and closed-circuit video surveillance, according to a statement. The proposed Wi-Fi network would broadcast up to 500 meters from each light post.

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