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Tuesday, 28.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

MZ: Mosambik / Mozambique

  • A team of Mozambicans in Rwanda on e-ID card study tour

    A team of Mozambicans is in Rwanda since Tuesday to study ways of introducing electronic national identity cards like those used in Rwanda.

    In an interview with APA on Wednesday, the Mozambican coordinator of the ID card project, Paul Fobes said the project was part of Mozambique’s e-government strategies to enhance the implementation of other strategies in the electronic world.

  • Construction underway on Mozambican govt data centre

    Construction is underway on the Mozambican government’s data centre, set to support the e-Government service delivery plan.

    The data centre, being built at the Maluana Science and Technology Park in Maputo Province in collaboration with the government of China, will centralise the hosting of the government’s applications, platforms and communication networks, said the Science and Technology Ministry. It is expected to reduce the costs currently incurred in running widely distributed servers.

  • E-Government Enables Online Efficiency in Mozambique

    The Government of Mozambique has successfully implemented an e-government pilot project connecting 15 national public administration entities in Maputo. The initiative was funded through the Development Gateway Foundation's e-Government Grants Program, in partnership with the Government of Italy.

    Called Government Electronic Network (GovNet)-Pilot, the project is part of Mozambique's national Information and Communications Technology Policy Implementation Strategy, which aims to improve public services and increase transparency in the public sector. The pilot has established a common communications platform for the Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and Technology, among others, giving them a unified e-mail system, intranet, and document management system, as well as cost-effective shared access to the Internet. The network is now being used by over 500 government employees via nearly 400 work stations.

  • Gateway to Mozambique

    The east African nation is planning to build a Government Electronic Network

    Named GovNet, it will be set up under an agreement between the governments of Mozambique and Italy and the Development Gateway Foundation, it was announced on 11 December 2003.

  • Mocambique: Implementation of Electronic Government Under Discussion

    The Mozambican Electronic Government Strategy (EGE) is set to grant citizens the right to access and process the necessary information to attain their full potential in all areas of governance and all sectors of the economy.

    Speaking during a consultative workshop in Maputo on the proposal for an "e-government" strategy and its implementation at central and local levels, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of State Administration, Lourenco Chipenembe, said this is the best way to improve efficiency in public service, and ensure the government's transparency and accountability.

  • Mozambique gets a slice of SEACOM

    The Mozambican Ministry of Science and Technology has signed a 20 year agreement to access international broadband fibre connectivity on the SEACOM network to Europe and onwards to the rest of the world.

    Beneficiaries of the newly acquired capacity include the Mozambique Research and Education Network (MoRENet) and the Government Electronic Network (GovNet), which are government-led projects established to improve online public service access and capability.

  • Mozambique Turns to Egovernment

    The government of Mozambique will build a "Government Electronic Network (GovNet)" under an agreement signed by Lidia Brito, minister of higher education, science and technology of Mozambique; Lucio Stanca, minister for innovation and technologies of Italy; and Alan Rossi, CEO of the Development Gateway Foundation. José Antonio Ocampo, under-secretary general of the United Nations, department of economic and social affairs (UN/DESA), was also present at the signing ceremony, representing the organization that formulated the project and signifying UN/DESA's continuing cooperation with the government of Italy in the area of egovernment for development.
  • Mozambique wants Malaysia’s help to set up e-government

    Mozambique wants Malaysia to help it implement e-government, including the smart card, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said.

    He said the request came from his counterpart Dr Venacioio Massiugi who had talks with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    He said he had asked Dr Massiugi to convey the request through President Armando Emilio Guebuza during his meeting with Abdullah.

  • Mozambique: Extending Electronic Government to District Level

    The Mozambican authorities may extend the electronic government network to ten districts by the end of this year, under a communication infrastructures programme (MEGCIP) financed by the World Bank to the sum of 31 million US dollars.

    Currently the electronic government network only covers the central ministries in Maputo and the provincial capitals. But, for the period 2010-2015, the project envisages extending "e-government" to 64 districts, and establishing a further 20 Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs).

  • Mozambique: Italy Supports E-Government

    The Italian government has pledged to grant five million Euros (about 6.7 million US dollars) to finance the third phase of the Mozambican government's Electronic Network programme, that began in 2004.

    This extension phase will start this year, and should be completed by 2012.

    The funding was announced by Italian Ambassador Carlo do Cascio, speaking to reporters shortly after the opening session of a Maputo workshop held to draw up a balance sheet of the implementation of the second phase, which ended last month.

  • Mozambique: Malaysia to Help Country Develop 'Smart Card'

    The Malaysian government has pledged to help the Mozambican authorities develop a "Smart Card", which will allow Mozambican citizens to have all their key documentation on the same electronic card.

    To this end, Mozambique's Minister of Science and Technology, Venancio Massingue, on Wednesday signed an agreement in Maputo with the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dato Kong Cho Ha, who is on a three day visit to Mozambique.

  • MT: Government launches the new eProcurement solution

    On Friday, Tonio Fenech, Minister for Finance, Economy and Investment (MFEI) launched the eProcurement solution which will revolutionise the way by which Government conducts public procurement. Following a tender procedure, European Dynamics SA was awarded to deliver the eProcurement solution, which covers the full lifecycle of public procurement, from the publishing stage to award and execution of contracts.

    The eProcurement solution will enable actual tender bids to be submitted securely on line as well as new possibilities such as ‘reverse auctions’ where bidders compete to offer the lowest price. These solutions have been proven to result in better value for Government.

  • MZ: Maputo: Marracune: Uxene Smart City: Project Enters Public Consultation Phase

    The Uxene company, which intends to install an intelligent and ecological city in Marracuene, called Uxene Smart City, held this Monday, May 29, in the town of that district, the first of several public hearings to residents of the neighborhoods Guava, Agostinho Neto, Cumbeza, Mateque, among others, located near the plot of 575 hectares in which the project will be implemented.

    Speaking to the news portal Carta de Moçambique, the executive director of Uxene, Henrique Bettencourt, explained that the meeting is part of the preparation of the Partial Urbanization Plan (PPU) in that plot and said that the consultation aims to ensure the rational use of urban land.

  • MZ: More Mb for Moz gov

    The Mozambican Ministry of Science and Technology has signed a 20 year agreement to access international broadband fibre connectivity on the Seacom network to Europe and onwards to the rest of the world.

    Beneficiaries of the newly acquired capacity include the Mozambique Research and Education Network (MoRENet) and the Government Electronic Network (GovNet), which are government-led projects established to improve online public service access and capability.

    The bandwidth will help MoRENet to deliver reliable and cost-effective, high-speed internet traffic to member institutions whilst creating the platform to share education and research content with other Nationwide Research Education Networks (NRENs) around the world.

  • MZ: PM Inaugurates New Data Centre

    Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario on Monday inaugurated a new data centre at Maluana, in the southern Mozambican district of Manica, about 80 kilometres north of Maputo.

    The Chinese company Huawei Technologies, which describes itself as a leader in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions and products, built the data centre in collaboration with the Mozambican Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher and Professional Education.

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