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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Opening a business, managing the various requirements, or paying taxes without queuing and without moving. To reduce the distance between more than five million businesses and public bureaucracy there is the Business Site ( which, at the end of its experimental phase has become operational and has been launched by ministers Antonio Marzano and Lucio Stanca and by Carlo Sangalli, chairman of Unioncamere. It is a "single point of access" to all the information and online services for business available on central and local government sites. "The portal is not just an instrument to simplify relations between business and bureaucracy - Lucio Stanca, Technology Minister - but is also the opportunity to continue to develop cooperation between these two important sectors of the country to improve, simplify and speed up their connections." Technology alone however, "is not enough in that it is necessary that in this effort there is full cooperation between the companies and above all their associations. This fast access to bureaucracy is in itself a concrete sign of the willingness of the government in relation to business, in particular of small and medium-sized ones."

The project, approved by the Ministerial Committee for IT companies - CMSI, is the fruit of cooperation between Industry and Technology ministers with Unioncamere, involving chambers of commerce, Inps and Inail and Cnipa. Investment has been 8 million euro, including development and management over two years, of which 3.7 million was allocated by CMSI, and as much by Unioncamere and 516 thousand euro the Industry Ministry. Access to the "virtual office" comes via the national charter for services and with only three clicks one can gain access to information and the services you want. Without queuing, comfortably at one's computer, one thus has access to forms an interactive services from central government, regions, provinces, and municipalities with more than 25 thousand inhabitants, mountain communities, local area health authorities and chambers of commerce, but also the totally online management of 19 administrative procedures from the chambers of commerce, Inps and Inail, predisposing and forwarding the details.

In all, in order to open a business it is now only necessary to go to, from there gaining access to integrated services. Those who already have a business will also find many processes facilitated. For example you can change your legal address simply by going on the site. The same goes for many other processes, such as Inail and Inps; and again with bureaucracy involving staff and for consulting company details. "The heart" of the Portal is the section "my desktop", where one can carry out more operations with a single operation and without duplication of activities. Around 1600 are analysed with 12 thousand links of interest organised in various informational channels: "business and public administration", "business development", "innovation and training", "forms", "online services".

The business portal is not just a service instrument, but also one of amplification of the amplification of the companies informational assets. Besides a contact centre (e-mail and telephone), indeed, there are various services: Finding Businesses, to search online for all the business inscribed in the business register; find a regulation, which makes available whatever regulation issued centrally, regionally and/or locally; web for business, the 'Yellow Pages' of all web sites of Italian public administration; news, a daily panorama of the main facts about economic policy, innovation, international markets: in-depth dossier, monthly reports of particular interest for businesses; Newsletter, from April a monthly email notice with the main news published on the site

Quelle: AGI Online, 10.03.2005

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