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Wednesday, 27.10.2021
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On Thursday, the City of Schenectady and National Grid kicked off Phase two of an innovative project that will transform neighbors into a “smart city” through advanced technology deployed on National Grid’s streetlight infrastructure.

The City has partnered with National Grid in advanced LED streetlights and expanding public access to Wi-fi in neighborhoods.

“By expanding our deployment of advanced LED streetlights, public Wi-Fi, and smart city technologies throughout our neighborhoods, Mayor McCarthy said. “We can bridge the digital divide, increase internet access, and improve quality of life for residents in our community.”

All 4,200 of National Grid’s high-pressure sodium streetlights across the entire city will be replaced using energy-efficient advanced LED streetlights outfitted with network lighting controls, which will improve lighting services, automatic outage detection, and create dimming scheduled during off-peak hours to enable additional energy savings.

In addition to a connected network of advanced LED streetlights, the City of Schenectady plans to evaluate “smart city” technologies of each zone to improve municipal services such as public safety, traffic management, planning, and environmental sustainability.

In Phase One of the project, National Grid completed streetlight replacement in Zones A and B, approximately half of the City of Schenectady, including the Stockade, Hamilton Hill, and parts of the Central State Street, Goose Hill, and Mont Pleasant neighborhoods.

For additional information on the National Grid REV Demo Project, please visit the City of Schenectady’s website.


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