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Sunday, 4.06.2023
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Ubiquity’s open-access model means the fibre is available to multiple tenants, including any local and national cable and internet service providers, as well as 5G wireless cell sites.

Ubiquity, a private infrastructure investment firm, will break ground on a $75m city-wide open-access fibre optic network in Georgetown, Texas, in early 2022.

The first customers are scheduled to come online in the summer of 2022, while the full build-out will be completed over a two-to-three-year period and cover most of the city.

Multiple tenants

The company’s open-access model makes the fibre system available to multiple tenants, including any local and national cable and internet service providers, as well as other technology platforms, like 5G wireless cell sites.

Ubiquity claims that this approach reduces the cost and disruption of construction for providers looking to expand to Georgetown and maximises connectivity choice to residents, businesses and anyone bringing connected solutions to the city.

“Our open-access fibre model is designed to accommodate both current and future connectivity use cases including support of mobile carriers, smart city applications, edge computing, and a broad choice of broadband providers,” said Ubiquity managing director Greg Dial. “The build-once, connect-all approach will reduce city disruption during installation while maximising access to what has become a critical utility.”

The project aims to pave the way to a more diverse list of internet service provider choice. The infrastructure provides a large amount of flexible capacity, fuelling connectivity growth for Georgetown over the next 20-plus years.

Regardless of the technology adopted over this time period, open-access fibre connectivity will be available to support it quickly and economically. Ubiquity plans to announce its initial service provider tenant in January.

Ubiquity’s multi-tenant, open-access approach is intended to increase the speed of deployment of high-capacity fibre infrastructure to areas of current and future need. This approach differs from current fibre build models that favour a single carrier that offers service to a specific type of end-user such as cell towers, schools, or residential neighbourhoods.

Instead of multiple companies deploying capital to build single-use networks, Ubiquity’s model invites tenants to connect to customers “investment free” via long-term access contracts. This approach not only provides choice of service to residents but offers open-access fibre supported locations the flexibility to add use cases for years to come.

“One of Ubiquity’s core business strategies is providing cities like Georgetown the same access to multiple providers of telecommunications services as urban markets,” said Ubiquity managing partner Jamie Earp. “We are excited to expand our investment in Texas beyond the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and the rapidly growing north Austin region fits our vision perfectly.”

Plans are underway for continued growth of the Ubiquity fibre network in the greater north Austin area with additional build-out announcements expected in the coming weeks.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 20.12.2021

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