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Saturday, 2.07.2022
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It will deliver connectivity and consulting services, and will connect customers with companies that provide applications in areas such as smart lighting, parking and waste as well as digital kiosks.

Media and technology giant Comcast is launching a smart cities division called Comcast Smart Solutions.

It made the announcement at the Smart Cities Spring Conference & Expo in Columbus, Ohio, which took place this week.

Range of applications

Building upon its current offerings from Comcast Business, Xfinity Communities, and MachineQ, Comcast Smart Solutions will provide connectivity and consulting services, and will connect customers with “strategic collaborators” that provide smart technology in the areas of:

  • lighting
  • parking/kerb
  • public works – waste management, storm water monitoring, asset tracking
  • video/light detection and ranging (lidar) analytics
  • building solutions
  • LED displays and digital kiosks.

“Comcast is focused on powering possibilities for organisations of all sizes,” said Bill Connors, president of Xfinity for Comcast Cable.

“Comcast Smart Solutions is just the latest example of the innovation that our world-class network can bring to life. Rooted in our core connectivity services, we’re excited to partner with communities on their smart journeys, using technology to help make them more efficient, sustainable, and safe.”

Comcast Smart Solutions recently worked with the City of Philadelphia on a smart lighting pilot, installing smart streetlights with built-in optical and environmental sensors that can count pedestrians, vehicles, bicyclists, and parked vehicles, and measure temperature, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide.

The Philadelphia project is one of several pilots and solutions that the Comcast Smart Solutions team has deployed working in partnership with local communities where the company operates. Other projects include: Arlington County, Virginia; College Park, Georgia; and Pleasanton and Moraga, California.

In College Park, the city turned to Comcast to install its MachineQ Gateway and smart sensors that alert the municipality when trash bins are at 60-70 per cent capacity.

Additionally, the City of College Park is looking towards long-term initiatives that will incorporate smart technology into other areas of resource management, including parking, traffic signals, pedestrian counters, and self-service devices.

“For College Park to achieve its goal of becoming a smart city, we must begin to take a more progressive approach to how we operate and manage our services,” said College Park chief information officer, Michael Hicks. “The municipality believes that by installing this technology, they can scale up to 500,000 devices over the next decade which will better enable it to meet the needs of its growing community of businesses, residents, and visitors.

“Clearly, having this technology at our disposal will be a game-changer for College Park in the future.”


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 08.04.2022

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