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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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Over one million feet of network lines have been installed throughout the city.

A citywide fiber network created to connect Kenosha residents with lightning-fast, reliable, affordable internet will soon reach its first Kenosha homes, according to SiFi Networks officials.

SiFi Networks is the driving force behind Kenosha FiberCity. It privately funds and operates citywide, open-access Smart City-enabled fiber networks across the United States.

“Fiber has been in major cities like Chicago and Milwaukee and it’s finally coming down to Kenosha,” Kenosha resident Juan Herrera said. “So for us, this is fantastic news.”

The network is designed to close the digital divide and create affordable Internet for residents. Qualifying households will benefit from discounted Internet as part of the FiberCity Aid program.

Residents can sign up and join a waitlist here.

Plans start at $55 per month and include options for 500 megabytes per second, one Gigabit per second, and two Gigabits per second speeds.

Crews worked diligently on Kenosha’s northside on Tuesday. Hundreds of marker flags, conduit pipes, box covers, and fresh dirt can be found throughout neighborhoods.

SiFi Networks officials said over one million feet of network lines have been installed throughout Kenosha.

The project is expected to continue through 2025.


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Quelle/Source: TMJ4, 12.03.2024

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