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Tuesday, 14.07.2020
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Lays Foundation Of JK State Data Centre

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday said that e-governance would boost up the Government’s efforts of bringing common masses closer to the administration and giving power to their voices.

Laying foundation of Jammu and Kashmir State Data Centre (JKSDC) in Civil Secretariat premises here, the CM said that the State Government has initiated a programme of establishing Data Centres to provide core infrastructure for supporting e-governance making service delivery to people fast and to the point.

“State Data Centre would act as a central repository of the State providing secure data storage, disaster recovery and remote management functions. It would also act as a mediator and convergence point between people and the government and provide efficient electronic delivery between various departments and business, the CM said.

CM said that the Government has a plan of connecting all the villages through a State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and Common Service Centres (CSCs) with this central repository system to create direct people-government liaison and help to address public grievances and ensuring development process smoothly all across the State.

“Establishment of Data Centres and SWAN along with CSCs would give further push to our efforts of bringing common masses closer to the government and giving power to their voices. Thrust of my government is to improve governance through technology and simplify processes of service delivery to the people by avoiding red-tape and making e-governance rule the roost in this regard,” the CM said.

CM said the State Data Centre will enable State Departments to host their services on a common infrastructure leading to ease integration and management ensuring computing resources and the support connectivity adequately and optimally.

He said these services would be extended to government agencies, citizens and business through the connectivity infrastructure to be rolled out as SWAN. The CM asked the Information and Technology Department to fast track the initiatives to achieve the results in a time bound manner.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister for Information and Technology, Syed Aga Ruhalla said that JKSDC would provide round-the-clock service availability to the Government departments, business establishments and general citizens.


Quelle/Source: Greater Kashmir, 09.01.2012

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