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Saturday, 13.08.2022
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In a contest organised by the ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs under the Smart cities Mission, Indore has managed to remain in the top four slot and goes into the final stage of selection process for the India Smart Cities Award Contest 2020. One hundred cities took part in the contest.

Indore Smart City’s nine projects have been selected for as many as seven categories of the awards out of 12 categories. The Smart City had participated for all the 12 categories and had sent in 20 projects for the nomination out of which nine were selected. The Smart City Official said for the 2019 awards, Indore Smart City had won the award for River Front Development category beating other cities. Officials said that the categories in which Smart City do not get selected are Governance, Social Aspects, Urban Environment, Urban Mobility and Water.

“There are three stages of selection in which 100 smart cities participate. For the first stage, smart city’s basic details are taken. In the second, only top 4 cities get selected for 12 categories and in the final stage, presentation process takes place in which for every category, one smart city gets selected,” said officials.

Categories and Projects:

  1. Built Environment –
    • Indore Chappan Dukaan
  2. Culture –
    • Conservation of Heritage
  3. Innovation awards –
    • Carbon Credit Financing and Mechanism
  4. Economy -
    • Carbon Credit Financing and Mechanism
    • Value Capture Finance
  5. Sanitation –
    • MRF (Material Recovery Facility) for Dry Municipal Waste
    • Bio CNG Plant
  6. Sustainable Business Model -
    • Integrated Command and Control Center
  7. Covid-19 Innovation Award
  8. Smart City of the Year -
    • (This award is given to smart city based on overall presentation)


Autor(en)/Author(s): Arsh Rafik Visaal

Quelle/Source: The Free Press Journal, 12.01.2021

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