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Thursday, 2.12.2021
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Aam Aadmi party "slammed" the "shoddy work" being done by the government in the name of the Smart City Project in Ludhiana.

AAP Punjab spokesperson Ahbaab Singh Grewal said that this project is turning into a nightmare for residents of the area "As even after spending several hundred crore, the facilities built or being built are causing severe problems", he said.

"There are constant traffic jams, as roads being constructed have been ill planned and made narrow. The residents of the area are facing severe water shortage in Sarabha Nagar as the water motor system installed there mostly remains non functional", he alleged.

AAP Ludhiana Lok Sabha incharge Amandeep Singh Mohi said that the way money is being wasted is criminal. Mohi said that the money spent on the project is being splurged on vanity projects while the actual needs of the residents have been ignored.

Grewal and Mohi both slammed the complete wastage of public funds. Both leaders said that Aam Aadmi Party once in power will not only review the project but will also conduct a complete inquiry into the wastage and mishandling of public funds. Both of them said that this project can be a chance to make Ludhiana a better city rather than making only cosmetic changes.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Shariq Majeed

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 06.10.2021

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