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Sunday, 22.05.2022
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Though a bit late, two more smart city projects are nearing completion in the city. Modern bus stops and innovative 3D wall paintings and statues under the area-based development (ABD) plan will be ready by January next year, a Patna Smart City Limited (PSCL) official said.

Of 10 smart bus stops, nine have been set up in the city. Real-time transit data like route numbers and information on buses with their estimated arrival time will be displayed at these bus stops being developed with an expenditure of Rs 2.5 crore. These bus stops will also have comfortable seating and better lighting facilities as well as dustbin cans, shade to protect from sunlight and rain and smart display for advertisements. There will also be Wi-Fi and closed-circuit television camera facilities at these bus stops in future.

These bus stops have been constructed at Chirayatand Pul (pillar number 47), Bihar Intermediate Council (gate numbers 1 and 2), planetarium, Gardiner Hospital on Beerchand Patel Path, Bans Ghat, Peer Ali Park, near GPO roundabout and Jamal Road.

Harshita, public relation officer of PSCL, said smart bus stops have been set up at nine places. “One more bus stand will be constructed near Gandhi Maidan (gate number 5), for which we have got the no-objection certificate from the road construction department. These smart bus stops will provide safety and ease traffic on roads,” she said.

She added another smart city project – innovative 3D wall paintings and statues in the ABD – will be ready by January next year. “Four 3D paintings have already come up at Jan Sewa Kendra buildings in ward numbers 21 and 22 in Kankarbagh and two near Adalatganj pond. The themes of wall paintings are based on social issues,” Harshita said.

The 3D paintings will also come up on Budh Marg, at Cooling Tower in Mithapur, near Gyan Bhawan, near Atal Path, near GPO Patna, GST Bhawan, zebra crossing at Gandhi Maidan and zebra crossing near Shahid Smarak Park.

Besides, the PSCL has also planned to install 3D sculptures at different locations, including Gyan Bhawan, Bihar Museum, Collectorate Ghat, near Mithapur Flyover, Atal Path, Adalatganj pond and Maurya Complex. The themes of the sculptures will be based on women empowerment, sanitation, ‘Jal Jeevan Hariyali’ and Bihar Heritage. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 5 crore.

So far, 10 different PSCL projects have been been completed in the city, including mega screen at Gandhi Maidan, rejuvenation of Adalatganj pond, ICCC building, remodelling of Beerchand Patel Path, wall art or painting for social awareness and intelligent solid waste management.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Faryal Rumi

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 14.12.2021

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