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Friday, 2.06.2023
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

In an unprecedented move Jammu Mayor, Rajinder Sharma has taken the revolutionary step of bringing all the services of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) at online mode and converting all its offices into e-offices.

The announcement was made by the Mayor while chairing the meetings of Executive Committee and Finance and Planning Committee of Jammu Municipal Corporation here, today.

“To put an end to the red-tapism existing in the offices of the Local Urban Body, e-offices should be made functional to provide services within 15 days,” the Mayor directed officers of JMC.

Rajinder Sharma said that e-offices will usher an era of transparency as in the absence of such a system it becomes prerogative of a clerk to prioritise files which is mostly done on considerations of illegal graft.

He further said that e-offices will also reflect the performance of officers and officials as time taken for file clearance shall be easily known and such offices can be monitored from anywhere.

“When the Government has spent huge amount of money on such systems, why not they become a reality,” Sharma added.

He also directed officers for making services of JMC online to ensure paperless work culture for the benefit of the public and added that online services are faster as compared to the manual ones.

To fulfil the vision of Mahatama Gandhi and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi regarding empowerment of Local Body institutions, the Mayor, in yet another bold step, said that whatever is passed in the Executive Committee and Finance and Planning Committee meetings needs to be implemented by the Commissioner of JMC after approval from the Mayor ‘s Office.

On functioning of Tree Authority, the Mayor said that all the permissions regarding cutting of trees, their trimming etc shall now be sought from JMC.

It is pertinent to mention here that the proposal for constitution of Tree Authority was submitted by Rajinder Sharma in shape of a resolution in the General House meeting when he was a Councillor and thereafter forwarded to the Government which approved it and the Tree Authority was constituted.

Mayor said there shall be a special session for budget of JMC and every section/department of JMC shall give their expenditure details which shall be discussed in the pre budget meeting.

He said that lanes and drains in Jammu Smart City shall now be made on modern lines with sewerage line to be laid at one end of the lane.

Apart from this separate drain will be made for rain water to be linked to a facility for rain water harnessing and another drain shall be there for waste waters from households-toilet, bathroom and kitchen waste waters, the Mayor said. The lanes shall be made of pre-cast materials for durability, he added.


Quelle/Source: Daily Excelsior, 05.02.2023

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