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Friday, 21.06.2024
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CPI(M) leader Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami expressed concern about the ongoing smart city project in J&K's capital Srinagar, claiming that it was being carried out in violation of the city's official master plan.

Tarigami said in a statement that with the announcement of the smart city project, Srinagar residents expected a better life with improved public services and governance. "However, the situation remains bleak because statutory policy documents such as the master plan, mobility plan, and other policy documents have been completely ignored while implementing smart city projects," he said.

The CPI(M) demanded that the smart city project be implemented in accordance with the government-approved master plan 2035.

Beginning in early this year, a slew of projects were launched as part of the smart city initiative. "These should contribute significantly to the overall development of the cityscape rather than destroying the existing character and function of it," he says.

According to the statement, public transportation, electricity, water supply, and other public utility services remain a distant dream here.

According to the leader, the ongoing haphazard construction, which is contrary to the master plan, has increased the vulnerability of city dwellers. "The excavation process and road shrinking have reduced the space for vehicular traffic while the entire city has been defaced, resulting in the majority of construction and demolition waste with huge environmental impacts," he said.


Quelle/Source: Construction World, 29.04.2023

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