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Monday, 15.07.2024
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In order to encourage people to vote in large numbers, Hubballi-Dharawd Smart City Ltd has announced that it will provide a free recharge of Rs 100 for bicycle users.

Under the Smart City project, a public bicycle sharing system has been introduced at 38 locations across Hubballi city by setting up bicycle docks. One has to get a smart card from the Smart City Limited to use these bicycles by paying certain fees fixed by the company. Now, many users swipe smart cards to use bicycles from the docks. Users need to download an app and register to use bicycles. Users are charged on an hourly basis. On May 10, this service will be free or users get Rs 100 recharge top-up amount.

Priyanka, MD, H-D Smart City Ltd told TOI that people who cast their vote on May 10 will have to send a selfie showing the indelible ink mark on their finger to the number 6363803942 given by the company, and they will get a Rs 100 top-up recharge to use bicycles.

“If voter does not have a smart card, they will have to download our app for registration to avail the smart card facility and Rs 100 free recharge facility to use a bicycle free of cost for one day or use Rs 100 recharge,” she said. “We have introduced this facility to encourage more people to vote on May 10,” she said.

Free medical consultation

Dr Vishwanath Gaviyappa from Hagaribommanahalli constituency of Vijayanagar District has offered one-month free medical consultation for those who vote in this election. He said that many people do not vote. “As it is very important to elect good candidates, all of us must exercise our franchise. To encourage people to vote in large numbers, now I am offering a free one month consultation service,” he said. To get the free token, one has to show the ink mark on their finger. He is circulating this information on his official letterhead.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Basavaraj Kattimani (With inputs from Chamaraj Savadi)

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 10.05.2023

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