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Monday, 15.07.2024
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Equipped with latest features like panic button and location system, 100 electric buses will soon ply on the roads as part of ‘Srinagar Smart City’ project.

“The target of procuring 100 buses under the Srinagar Smart City project will be met very soon. In Srinagar district, we are moving towards a robust and reliable public transport system as there was no reliable transport system here in the past,” said Srinagar Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mohammad Aijaz Asad.

While regular minibuses will also run on “hungry” routes, apart from electric buses, he said the government’s focus will be to ensure that “clean technology” vehicles ply in Srinagar district.

“We have inspected many hungry routes which are 12 to 13 hours where we are going to ply in minibuses. The trial has already started. Our focus will be on clean technology vehicles,” DC Srinagar said.

In particular, 100 electric buses are being procured under the Smart City project, where passengers can also get details such as real-time tracking of buses, their congestion and estimated time of arrival.

An official said the buses will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

“Apart from reducing pollution levels, electric buses are also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like panic button, location system, CCTV, stop request system and other safety related features as imparted on this occasion.” the official said.

Under this project, Tata Motors and Chalo Mobility will work collaboratively for the operation of electric buses in coordination with Srinagar Smart City Limited.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Regional Transport Authority under the Chairmanship of the DC was held here on Monday to deal with matters related to public transport.

“A detailed discussion took place on the finalization of different items on the agenda, including approval of contract transport permits, consideration of LA applications for regular transport vehicles, permission for 14 identified routes for minibus operation in the city of Srinagar and letter from the Authority for the purchase of stage wagon minibuses and three-wheelers etc. Measures regarding identification of black spots and action plans to address them were also discussed during the meeting,” said a official statement.


Quelle/Source: Geo TV News, 17.05.2023

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