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Monday, 15.07.2024
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Thiruvananthapuram Smart City is making rapid advancements in traffic management with the establishment of the Traffic and Safety Command and Control Centre (TSCCC), integrating a range of real-time, intelligent systems and components, including Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS), Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS), Auto Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR), and Red-Light Violation Detection (RLVD) System, for efficient urban mobility and road user safety.

Thiruvananthapuram Smart City, a special purpose vehicle set up for the implementation of Smart City Mission of Government of India, is headed by Arun K Vijayan IAS, who is serving as its CEO. Madras Security Printers, a renowned e-governance and smart city ICT solutions provider, is integrating the key ICT components of the smart city, including smart traffic management systems.

ATCS detects real-time traffic flow, using the feed from cameras, and automatically adjusts signals for vehicles approaching or waiting at junctions. The TSCCC and ATCS projects have already been established at the police camp office in the city.

ITMS automates and integrates traffic signalling systems, facilitating smooth traffic flow while enabling efficient detection of traffic violations. It also addresses routine traffic management requirements. ANPR automatically captures license plate information from all vehicles, aiding in the detection of stolen or wanted vehicles and in identifying vehicles involved in traffic violations.

The RLVD system is specifically designed for continuous monitoring of traffic intersections, operating 24x7. It can automatically capture images of vehicles that violate traffic signals by crossing the stop line during a red light. In addition, the RLVD system has the capability to capture images of the rear-end of vehicles. Equipped with optical character recognition (OCR) technology, it can extract text information from license plate images. This enables the system to generate traffic violation challans based on the captured data.

These integrated systems modernise and centralise traffic management, traffic control, traffic law enforcement, and traffic information dissemination in the city. They go a long way in empowering the traffic police to ensure seamless traffic flow while providing valuable information to road users.

It is to be noted that Thiruvananthapuram secured the first rank in the Smart City Challenge in 2017. And the system integrator of the smart city project, Madras Security Printers, a 45-year-old company, specialises in a wide range of services including system integration, e-governance solutions, track and trace solutions, smart city ICT implementation, smart card-based solutions, identity management and biometric solutions, datacenter & IT/ITeS solutions, and high-security printing, among others.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Naomi Pandya

Quelle/Source: Urban Transport News, 24.05.2023

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