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Saturday, 20.08.2022
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Kingdom’s first 5G streetlight deployment is in Bahrain Bay

Zain Bahrain and systems integrator LSS Technologies are collaborating on a 5G by streetlight (5GBS) system to connect Bahrain Bay, a first for the Kingdom, reports Trade Arabia. Zain said it will add comms to the infrastructure without affecting the delivery of electricity. In a statement it promised to install Zain 5G broadcasting units by blending seamlessly with the city’s electrical infrastructure. “We worked together to design these new compact enclosures, 5G sites in the smallest form factor,” said LSS Technologies general manager Sandeep Ahluwalia.

Beauty and the broadband

The new system could boost both 4G and 5G coverage and provide reliable connectivity for a great end-user experience, it stated. The solution contributes to Zain Bahrain Sustainability Strategy that aligns with the Kingdom’s own Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Goal 9 alludes to industry, innovation and Infrastructure. Goal 11 is about sustainable cities and communities and Goal 12 offer directives on responsible consumption and production. Zain Bahrain says its strategy is centred around digital transformation leadership and is committed to building a secure and resilient 5G network. It will continue to expand its 5G network progressively with the latest innovative solution across the Kingdom.

Now Zain can advance

“We are thrilled to be the first telecom operator in the kingdom to complete the innovative 5G street system in Bahrain Bay’s luxurious development,” said Zain Bahrain CEO Duncan Howard, “we can now deploy more advanced 5G sites across the Kingdom.” Zain has completed a system that suits high-end development and expands network coverage while seamlessly integrating with existing streetscapes, according to Bahrain Bay CEO Gagan Suri. “The deployment highlights Zain’s latest innovation and with 5G it will help transform Bahrain Bay to a smart city.”


Autor(en)/Author(s): Nick Booth

Quelle/Source: Mobile Europe, 30.05.2022

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