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Sunday, 28.02.2021
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Chengdu Will organize an event on smart city governance 29 December. Based on “releasing the value of data, empowering smart governance”, the event is the final installment of the 2020 Chengdu New Economy Double Thousand Project.

Representatives of experts, investment institutions and renowned enterprises will gather in the capital city Sichuan ProvinceBoth on-site and through online channels, and in-depth discussions on how city governance, and how smart cities empower trends and opportunities in governance.

In the event, a list of occasions Chengdu Efforts to build a smart city will be unveiled. The purpose of the list is to provide customers with the facility of accurate matching of smart city service providers.

In addition, online municipal service office Chengdu Will publish a list of cases that exemplify the business environment Chengdu.

The companies will showcase their new products and new visuals at Megacity’s Smart Governance at the venue. These include smart city services from tech giants Huawei, shared parking platforms from Chengdu Communications Investment, and public data service platforms from Chengdu BigData. 5G and the like leading technology 4K/8K Demonstrations will be used in these demonstrations.

In recent years, Chengdu Significant achievements have been seen in exploring new methods and innovative mechanisms of modern city governance, including top-down policy design, improving the “city brain”, and sharing public data. The creation of a smart city has promoted the development of various industries in the city.

The event is hosted by the online municipal service office Chengdu, Chengdu New Economy Development Commission, and People’s Government of Jingni District, Chengdu.

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