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Thursday, 2.12.2021
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Shanghai will push smart city applications, like autonomous driving, 4K broadcasting and intelligent logistics and warehousing, with infrastructure construction of a citywide fiber network, industry officials said on Friday.

Compared with traditional mobile networks, the fifth-generation fixed network (F5G) delivers fiber technology and upgraded bandwidth of 1 to 5 gigabytes per second and much lower latency.

It supports fast access, cloud and smart operations for digital transformation and smart city construction, officials from the State Information Center (SIC), China Mobile and Huawei told the Smart City Expo 2021 forum.

A full-coverage, fiber network-powered city is a key piece of infrastructure for computing capacity and operation efficiency for digital economies, Shan Zhiguang, SIC's Informatization and Industry Development department director, told the forum in Shanghai on Friday.

Several cities are leading F5G network construction nationwide, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and Qingdao. With huge broadband width and low latency up to 0.2 mini-second, the cities are becoming China's digital hubs, according to SIC and China Mobile.

Shanghai is testing F5G applications on autonomous driving, smart logistics and financial innovation, as the city has unique advantages in the related industries, said China Mobile's Shanghai branch.

Shanghai is integrating the new services and applications with other cities in the Yangtze Delta to boost the entire region's digital economy.

The F5G network supports sectors like 4K broadcasting, wildlife protection and energy-efficiency improvement, industry officials told the forum.

F5G is also essential infrastructure for a smart city, covering e-government, online medical systems, fintech, enterprise cloud, online education, livestreaming, city security and smart manufacture,


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Quelle/Source: Shine, 15.10.2021

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