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Sunday, 28.02.2021
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Companies wishing to submit tenders for projects announced by Muscat Municipality can now access online, instead of going to their offices to do so.

Called Isnad (Arabic for ‘support’), the e-tendering system has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology and the Tender Board, and is expected to provide multiple benefits in terms of facilitating and simplifying tendering.

“The e-tendering system is one of the most important government initiatives that Muscat Municipality has benefited from, in terms of managing its business and presenting its projects,” said a statement from the government organisation. It serves as a guide to see e-government help transform the economy and society in an era of information technology.

“The system is a qualitative leap towards a modern technical strategy in all areas of knowledge and human capacities across all economic activities, aimed at accomplishing the government’s vision towards e transformation,” added Muscat Municipality.

The Isnad system will also be a secure and transparent tool to provide the latest updates on ongoing and upcoming tenders.

“Muscat Municipality has always sought to keep pace with modernity and develop its technical system in order to simplify and facilitate procedures and raise the quality of work,” said the public body.

“Isnad’s electronic tendering capabilities help enhance the concept of transparency, apply the principle of public availability, and provide equal opportunities and equality to all tenders.”

Muscat Municipality added: “The Isnad e-tendering system is a unified portal for government procurement and tendering management, where tenders and bids are submitted, and assigned electronically in accordance with the tendering laws and their executive regulations.”

The system will help provide a central database for government tenders, as well as provide data on registered companies. It is also aims to act as a reliable platform to enable bidders to purchase and submit bids at any time and from anywhere, which reduces the burden on employees, and significantly reduces the use of paper documents.

“The launching of the Isnad system falls under the umbrella of the e-government transformation project, through which all the beneficiaries submit their tenders and complete their procedures in an integrated electronic manner,” explained the municipal body.

Muscat Municipality’s latest programme provides a clear and accessible database for commercial firms who wish to bid for projects, and track their latest developments through a single portal.


Quelle/Source: Times of Oman, 13.12.2020

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