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Sunday, 4.06.2023
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The Nigerian luxury property sector, Saturday, received a new entrant, Ocean City Lagos, appropriately named “Jewel of the Atlantic”.

Conceived to set new standards in high-end living, Ocean City Lagos, Nigeria’s newest man-made island, is located off the Lagos coast of the Atlantic Ocean, offering a luscious eco-tourism landscape sprinkled with the continent’s hippest residential neighbourhoods, mixed-use space with high-end shops, restaurants, public parks, centres for sports, arts and entertainment, medical innovation.

A major feature of Ocean City Island will be Africa’s most prestigious address in the shape of the continent’s tallest skyscraper- a symbol of glitz, glamour and magnet to tourists from around the world.

In close proximity to the already congested Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki Residential Scheme 1 neighbourhoods, Ocean City Lagos, which sits atop 308 hectares reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean stretching from the Kuramo Waters along the Peninsula, is accessible via an extension of the popular Ahmadu Bello Way.

It will also be served by the proposed Ocean City Airport, Cruise Terminal and ground transportation hub linking its business, cultural and residential districts to the rest of the country and the world.

Its picturesque and idyllic location aside, Ocean City Lagos is being developed as the heart of a fast-changing Lagos metropolis, transforming the city’s coastline into the world’s next 5G-powered location of futuristic and eco-friendly super-luxury homes and neighbourhoods with a generous splash of the best in medical innovation, arts, entertainment, sports and other strains of recreation.

These will be undergirded by technology-based infrastructure that delivers uninterrupted supply of power, clean water, top-tier sanitation and effective drainage; environmental initiatives to lessen carbon footprint, particularly flora and fauna protection. It will also offer progressive physical planning, the type obtainable in the world’s most luxurious property locations.

Ocean City Lagos is promoted by Ocean City Lagos Limited, an affiliate of the 43-year-old Sea Global Energy with a sterling track record built over the years on ample insights on the most efficient technology-adoption ways to impact in the retail, communications and real estate sectors.

In 2003, Sea Global Energy was granted an approval by the Federal Government to reclaim 350 hectares of land from the Atlantic Ocean, rights to which have been assigned to its Special Purpose Vehicle, Ocean City Lagos Limited.

Ocean City Lagos consists of five districts: Gladys, Madaki, Aremu, Adesola and Five Cowries Districts.

The Gladys District, conceived as a wholly residential location, is devoted to indulgently opulent, ocean-front homes and private marinas. Complementing Gladys will be the swanky residential towers dwellings with private marinas. Residences at Gladys arecomplemented by the residential towers of the mixed-use Madaki District, which will offer public art and exclusive access facilities available only at Ocean City Island.

Aremu, the third of the districts, will offer a heady mix of facilities for all art forms, top-tier sports amenities catering to over 20 sport-related activities, including a dedicated football stadium; rowing and equestrian courses, restaurants catering to diverse culinary tastes, luxury shops, hip clubs, a theme park, public outdoor spaces, beaches as well as marinas.

It will also host the 30-hectare Ocean Medical City, a community of world-class medical facilities providing specialist care in various medical fields, a hospital offering between 1,000 and 1,500 bed spaces; a university devoted to medical sciences and research with accommodation for staff and experts.

The fourth district, named Adesola, will host the Ocean City Airport, Cruise Terminal and ground transportation hub connecting Ocean City Island’s business, cultural and residential districts to the rest of Nigeria and the world and is expected to spark significant socio-economic boom for the continent.

The Five Cowries District, an exclusively commercial zone, will provide access to the most up-to-date business infrastructure to attract companies of all sizes and from all industries, host eye-popping events and offer luxury recreational amenities to create a sumptuous meeting point for living, leisure and business. For more information, visit


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