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Friday, 10.07.2020
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The country's Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship has completed its migration to full cloud services

The Jordanian Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) has migrated its ICT infrastructure to the cloud, as part of its ongoing digitalisation process.

The MoDEE completed the migration using Nutanix’s enterprise cloud software. The move will help the Jordanian government provide a whole new range of online services to its citizens.

“We don't like to call it e-government anymore; it's a digital transformation for Jordan, where we move to a digital economy – where we allow each and every service to be provided digitally and paid for digitally,” said HE Mothanna Gharaibeh, Jordan’s Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

“This cannot happen without having everything on the cloud – quick and efficient. So Nutanix has indeed been a good partner in helping us to deliver this mandate.”

The MoDEE is responsible for enabling the country’s digital transformation for all of its public bodies and entities. Cloud computing will be the fulcrum upon which the country’s digital economy is leveraged. Migrating to Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform has enabled the Jordanian government to trouble shoot a number of key snagging points and bottlenecks.

“We had problems with updates, upgrades and expansions,” explained Abdallah Al-Farrayih, MoDEE’s operations manager.

“After moving to the Nutanix Cloud, we could manage all of our infrastructure from a single location – storage, network, virtual machines, everything from a single dashboard,” he added.

The new sense of control is due to Nutanix’s one-click infrastructure management console, Prism, which allows users to seamlessly and easily monitor all virtual environments running on AOS. The dashboard is designed to simplify and streamline common workflows, and to make hypervisor and VM management as easy as checking email, a Nutanix spokesman said.

“With Nutanix, we can easily integrate with many platforms,” Mr. Al-Farrayih added. “And we can use the built-in features in Nutanix related to security and backup.”


Autor(en)/Author(s): Chris Kelly

Quelle/Source: Comms MEA, 03.02.2020

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