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Saturday, 11.07.2020
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The region is working with Iveda on a series of smart city and digital transformation projects and has just completed an intelligent video surveillance pilot in Caloocan.

Metro Manila, one of three defined metropolitan areas of the Philippines, has partnered with Iveda for a series of smart city and digital transformation projects.

At the same time, Aveda announced a successful pilot of its IvedaAI intelligent video search technology in Metro Manila.

Paid pilot project

The paid pilot was conducted with Filcomserve, Iveda’s exclusive technology partner in the Philippines and solutions provider, Orange IT. They are now working with Iveda to procure additional IvedaAI appliances to fulfill the requirements of Caloocan City

“We have several surveillance AI vendors offering and providing proof-of-concept but IvedaAI is the most effective, easy to use and very much cost effective," said James Lao, director of Caloocan City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office. "AI applied to our existing surveillance system is an essential solution to improve our safety and security monitoring.”

Using existing street cameras, IvedaAI was successfully tested in busy intersections in Caloocan, one of the 17 cities in Metro Manila. The city is currently managing 150 outdoor cameras in 90 different locations and 50 indoor cameras inside Caloocan City Hall.

Caloocan will utilise IvedaAI’s license plate recognition (LPR) and vehicle wrong direction functions in major intersections and roads throughout the city. It will also utilise IvedaAI’s facial recognition, people counting and intrusion detection capabilities in Caloocan City Hall’s entry and exit points, street markets and crowded areas.

The main users of IvedaAI will be Caloocan City Hall Internal Security Group, Traffic Group and Rescue Division.

“Smart Cities need more than just security technology. It must embrace the IoT movement. We are empowering cities with our proprietary AI-based, IvedaIoT platform that can manage a variety of sensors throughout the city to aid administrators and officials in making prompt decisions for immediate action,” added David Ly, CEO of Iveda.

The intelligence within the technology will trigger actions when physical human intervention may not be timely enough, through a rule-based “what if” scenario. A smart city equipped with sensors and a platform that can manage all the sensors, send alerts and take corresponding actions remotely will save time and lives – more safely and more cost effectively.

The combination of a variety of sensors placed strategically throughout the city, will allow automatic and remote shut-off of a water valve, thermostat adjustments, dimming of lights, cutting electricity to equipment, management of load controllers and switches, or calling a caregiver when an elderly person has fallen.

In a separate, concurrent project, Iveda said it is engaged with its telecom and utilities partners in the Philippines to help them offer more digital services to their end-customers. Such offerings will consist of Iveda smart home and smart building services, leveraging the IvedaIoT management platform and IvedaAI.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 05.07.2019

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