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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Belarus and China are interested in further development of cooperation in the information and communications technologies (ICT), BelTA learnt from the press service of the Communications and Information Ministry of Belarus.

A meeting with the representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus and Inspur Group Co., Ltd. Took place in the Communications and Information Ministry of Belarus on 4 May. The sides confirmed their interest in further development of the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation in ICT and discussed its prospects. In particular, the Chinese side showed its interest in the implementation of the draft national programs on development of services in the ICT sector for 2011-2015.

The major goal of the program is to create conditions for crash development of services in ICT promoting evolvement of the information-oriented society and enhancing the quality and efficiency of information relations of the population, business and state including the formation of the state e-service system. The customer of the program is the Department of Information of the Communications and Information Ministry of Belarus.

The subprogram “National information and communications infrastructure” is aimed at introducing in the country multiservice telecommunications networks of new generation and upgrading the current telecommunications networks. The primary goals here are the development of data transfer network infrastructure with a view of maximum broadband access, construction and modernization of the present fiber-optic communication lines, etc.

The subprogram “E-government” is designed to enhance efficiency of the major government functions based on the state e-service system. The strategic goals of the subprogram is to improve, with the help of ICT, the efficiency and quality of the government and inter-ministerial collaboration between government bodies, local executive and administrative bodies. E-government envisages constant improvement of cooperation mechanisms between state, business and the society.

he aim of the subprogram “E-health” is to improve the quality and accessibility of services provided by the healthcare institutions, increase awareness of people about the state of their own health, and to ensure timely application of ICT in the planning of therapeutic and preventive measures. This will lead to increased efficiency of preventive care, diagnostic and treatment process, improve the reliability of medical data.

The subprogram “E-employment and social security” suggests expanding the range of electronic services in the field of professional pension insurance and individual (personal) record-keeping, creating an electronic employment service, developing an enabling environment for integration of different types of social insurance into a unified system.

The subprogram “E-learning and human capital development” is aimed at creating a national system of electronic educational resources, improving access to national and international educational resources including for people with special needs. The subprogram includes activities to improve the skills in ICT, modernize and diversify specialties that meet the needs of the Information Society. The main objective of the subprogram is to create conditions conducive to the development of human capital.

The subprogram “E-customs” involves systematic upgrading of the information infrastructure of the customs service in order to improve the quality of customs regulation and customs administration, increase the efficiency and quality of electronic services provided by the customs authorities.

The subprogram “Formation of national content” is intended to accelerate the development of national content through the expansion and qualitative improvement of the presence of Belarusian mass media in the national segment of the Internet and create a single point of access, develop the National Electronic Library of Belarus, museums’ online resources, Internet resources on the national history and cultural heritage, architecture and cinema.

The subprogram “Safety of information and communication technologies and digital trust” is aimed at developing the information security system, which minimizes the possibility of abuse of personal and other confidential information, expanding the use of electronic documents, e-commerce, electronic service delivery, introducing electronic payment systems and other fields of ICT applications.

The goal of the subprogram “Development of export-oriented IT industry” is to create conditions for accelerated development of services in the field of information technologies in Belarus, attract orders on the development of IT products, and to promote the growth of foreign exchange earnings.


Quelle/Source: Belarus Telegraph Agency, 05.05.2011

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