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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

At Mobile World Congress this year, we spoke with Mr. Hudson Lou, Director of Network and Services Development of Macau CTM, to discuss Macau’s digitalization journey and the potential of 5.5G

Macau occupies a relatively unique position within the global telecoms market, being one of the few cities in the world to have full coverage of both fiber and 5G. Combining this with the city’s high rate of technology adoption, it is easy to see why Macau has quickly become a hotbed of advanced 5G use cases and is well on its way to becoming a truly smart city.

Speaking to Macau CTM’s Director of Network and Services Development, Hudson Lou, at Mobile World Congress this year, he explained the extent to which demand for 5G and related technologies was growing in both the consumer and enterprise spaces.

“Macau’s residents and industries are both quickly adopting advanced technology, anticipating a smart transformation to bring better living experiences and development opportunities,” explained Lou.

“To cater to the increasing demands from the market, both individual customers and commercial sectors, CTM has been joining hands with stakeholders to explore and deploy applications that are based on our 5G network, such as virtual reality content that is adopted in education, a 5G and IoT platform that is used for fleet management, a high security 5G private network used by police forces, and cross-regional 5G private network for university science research.”

But transforming Macau into a smart city is not a challenge for its telecoms sector alone. Indeed, it will require significant collaboration from throughout the region’s public and private sector.

“The ecology of smart city could not be formed with only one single force, it needs concerted efforts by various stakeholders in the society,” explained Lou. “To this end, CTM has actively cooperated with banks, government departments, transportation, universities, etc. With 5G, we can provide a new platform, a new enabler to shape a comprehensive ecology that opens up a brand-new, yet localized and digitalised economic model.”

Talking of next steps in this journey, Lou explained that the transition to 5.5G later this year will be hugely influential.

“The features of 5.5G – higher speed and higher security – will release the potential of edge computing and AI,” said Lou. “AI, big data, and cloud computing will bring even more use cases to people’s lives, making living smoother and smarter.”

You can view the full interview with Hudson Lou, Director of Network and Technology Development at CTM, here.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Harry Baldock

Quelle/Source: Total Telecom, 04.04.2024

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