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Saturday, 24.02.2024
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For a while, Saudi Arabia has been constructing and promoting a new futuristic city that defies the odds. The city’s name is ‘Neom,‘which stands for “new future.” It’s sustainable, controversial, and design-forward. It’s a “smart city” where technology and innovation collide. The city, is backed by $500 billion over the coming years. The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia manages the project. And it guarantees a “world-class” quality of life.

Here’s an inside look at what we know about Neom.

Where is Neom

Neom is a city being built in Saudi Arabia along the Tabuk Province near the Red Sea. It’s in the desert and act as a futuristic utopia. It focuses on aspects that make a city great such as convenience, sustainability, and community, while solving issues that impact humanity, such as traffic, pollution, and waste. Neom aims to create a city where nature and civilization blend. “For native animals and plants, they will live in harmony with the land and sea – and be under no threat from people or desertification,” a statement on the website reads.

What it is like living there

It’s supposed to be the ultimate oasis. Because NEOM focuses on sustainability, there are no roads and no cars. The city runs on 100% renewable energy. The town is about 200 meters wide but 170 kilometers long and 500 meters above sea level. It’s projected that around 9 million people will live there.

Can tourists visit NEOM?

Yes! Tourists can now enter NEOM on a visitor visa. You can research tour options here


Autor(en)/Author(s): Dominique Jackson

Quelle/Source: msn, 02.11.2022

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