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Saturday, 11.07.2020
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In a bid to improve public transportation services, City Hall on Friday launched an app that enables travellers to track the location of city buses.

In a press release, City Hall said it cooperated with JICA to install GPS on buses for the City Bus app, which was created by ITSMO, enabling travellers to locate buses as well as estimate the time of arrival of a bus at a designated stop.

With 235 buses operating across 13 routes, city buses serve 177 locations and 904 bus stops, where customers can also now pay bus fares with Wing Bank and ACLEDA cards, the statement added.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuon Sreng said the app’s feature in monitoring bus movements contributes to the improvement of public transport services.

“It will improve public transportation services and make Phnom Penh a smart city, which will attract more people to use the bus service,” Mr Sreng said.

He added that the app could also help drivers improve coordination with one another and avoid schedule clashes, such as when two or more buses arrive together at the same bus stop.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sen David

Quelle/Source: Khmer Times, 07.07.2019

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